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The Music Industry is Changing, and Taylor Swift is Pioneering it

Taylor Swift is crowned Artist of the Decade at the American Music Awards.

It’s pretty much public knowledge that Taylor Swift and the new Executive of her past records, Scooter Braun, have been feuding for a while. Put aside the point logistics of Swift’s personal feud, Swift is pioneering a change in the music industry for all musicians – new and old. She is calling out the sketchy practices in the music industry that most common people do not realize is going on behind the scenes. To be honest, I never even heard of “masters” before Taylor Swift called off Big Machine Records for making her buy back her past records for every new one she turned in. 

More importantly, it is important to watch a woman stand up not only for herself, but those who have come before her that are still in the industry and the ones who are just starting to enter into the industry. She is calling out Executives owning artists’ work that they did not participate in the create of it, especially men owning women’s work. Time after time, Swift has been calling out their sexism, power moves, and money grabs. She’s having none of it, and encouraging others to not have any of it either. 

Taylor Swift is standing up for something she believes in. She left a situation she didn’t feel like she would benefit from. And she’s speaking out about the topics that matter to her and that benefit her industry. 

 It doesn’t matter what she says, but it proves to other woman that they can ask for what they believe in and deserve. To see a strong woman portrayed in the media as speaking her truth, and owning up to her mistakes, and supporting other woman in the same predicament is powerful. It’s a positive portrayal of a strong woman for young girls to follow. 

 Throughout Swift’s fight with BMR, she has taught girls to stand up for themselves and that they don’t have to mean or manipulating to get what they want. Young girls need to that they can ask for what they want within reason.  And to not underestimate their power in business, personal, and life decisions. Swift proves to young girls that they are powerful, can change anything they put their mind to, and can demand change, and prove to themselves that are capable of doing anything. 

Swift might be changing the music industry, but she is also changing the attitudes of young girls.