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Editorial Policy

The opinions and views expressed in editorial and opinion columns are solely those of their author and do not represent the views of The Promethean staff or of Siena College. Any response to an editorial without intent to publish should be submitted directly to the author of the article. If you wish to send your reaction to The Promethean or its Editor-in-Chief, it falls under the guidelines of Letters to the Editor. Letters must be no longer than 700 words. Submission to the paper does not guarantee publication.

Opinion and editorial articles submitted are edited strictly for basic spelling and grammar only.

The editorial board reserves the right to make any and all decisions and editorial changes on newspaper content, with the final decisions belonging to the Editor-in-Chief. Any changes besides spelling and grammar will be run by the author before publication.

Article Submission Guidelines

The Promethean reserves the right to deny publication of any article that is deemed by the Editor-in-Chief to be

  1. Slanderous or libelous
  2. Advocating violence or harm to any person or group of people
  3. Advocating discrimination of any sort
  4. Advocating performance of illegal actions
  5. Improperly researched and cited
  6. Lacking sufficient journalistic integrity

References must be formatted in AP style and will not be accepted in any other form.

Statements made as fact in letters to the editor and editorials/opinions are the sole responsibility of the author(s) and do not necessarily reflect the opinion of The Promethean, its staff, or Siena College.