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Why Mamma Mia Is The Perfect Summer Movie

With the snow falling in more inches every weekend, it seems as if summer will never come. If you’re anything like me, likely all you want to do is be whisked away to a tropical island with no worries of having to bundle up. The movie “Mamma Mia” is a perfect example of a situation like this- all sunshine and no worries. Watching the 2008 movie musical can make even the coldest days feel like summer.

The 2008 movie, based on the 1999 musical, features songs written by the popular Swedish supergroup ABBA. 20 year old bride-to-be Sophie, played by Amanda Seyfried, is preparing for the wedding of a lifetime, with the help of her mother, Donna, played by Meryl Streep. However, there is one thing in her way. Sophie has three possible fathers, and they are all invited to the wedding, unbeknownst to Donna. The movie takes place from the day before the wedding and ends the day after. The entirety of the film takes place on the beautiful fictional island of Kalokairi in Greece. From the second you see the first clip of the island, it feels like summer. You can see the waves rolling upon glistening rocks and breathtaking greenery. Adorable houses look over the ocean. Who wouldn’t want to live here?  

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The setting of the movie is not the only thing that makes the movie feel like an 80 degree day. The wardrobe of this film is something to be discussed. The ladies of the film are often seen in flowy skirts and patterned tank tops if not in swimwear. The men of the film are usually in Hawaiian shirts and bright colored shorts. Even Donna’s diary has summer vibes!  “Mamma Mia” provides perfect ideas for a summer wardrobe.

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If you’re looking for a movie with the perfect summer soundtrack, “Mamma Mia” has got you covered. “Dancing Queen” is arguably the most well known song in the show and deserves to be played at any summer party. “Voulez-vous” is a high energy dance song to get everyone out of their seats. And of course the title song “Mamma Mia” is a go to karaoke song for summer parties. The soundtracks to the movie can be found anywhere that streams music, and are perfect for the background of any summer party.

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Lastly, the plot itself is interesting enough to follow along with but lighthearted enough to still be enjoyable. There are some emotional moments, such as “Slipping Through My Fingers”, the mother daughter duet, but ultimately the movie’s songs and jokes give it the enjoyable lightheartedness the movie is known for. 

“Mamma Mia” is available to stream on Peacock. If you are in the mood for summer right now, as many are, I highly recommend watching this movie, as its magical vibes will take you straight to a warm July day.