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Saints Days

Wednesday. 1:00 PM. The Sarazen Student Union. Each week, Siena Saints look forward to heading down as The Student Activities and Leadership Development Office student workers and Staff are preparing for Saints Day: an opportunity for students to share their green and gold spirit for a chance to win a prize, grab a free t-shirt, or some free food. Every Saints Day offers something different to the student body. Today, we will take a look at what the SALD Office has put on thus far as we look forward to what is still in store for this semester. 

For the first Saint Day back on campus after the winter break, the SALD Staff kicked off the semester with an exciting, crowd-pleasing Saints Day. On Wednesday, January 18, the office handed out free t-shirts and popcorn to students. The t-shirt for this Saints Day was selected by the student body. A poll was put on the Student Activities Instagram story for students to vote on their favorite past t-shirt print. The winning shirt was re-printed and given out to students for a second chance to grab the fan favorite. On the following Wednesday, January 25, Saints Day came in the form of a pep rally to prepare for the Gold Rush game on that Friday night. Rally towels were handed out in Casey’s and students had the opportunity to get excited for the game. 

The most classic form of Saints Day is the famous prize wheel. On prize wheel days, students head to the Welcome Desk in the SSU Atrium to take a chance at winning a variety of different prizes. On Wednesday, February 1, one of these prizes was the chance to win a ticket to SienaFest. Students spun the wheel and won prizes, such as pop-its, blankets, candy, cups, and much more. A line formed all the way down near the entrance to the building for Saints Day as students gave the wheel their best shot.

On Wednesday, February 8, Saints Day was opened up for collaboration with Active Minds, a club on campus that aims to erase the stigma surrounding mental health. In celebration of Valentine’s Day, to encourage friendship and connection, a free hot chocolate bar and fresh red and white roses were available for students to take, while being greeted by the SALD Staff. Students look forward to seeing Saints Days like this, as they can stop by on their walk to and from class, or on their way to grab lunch at Casey’s. On Wednesday, February 15, the prize wheel made its return for students to take another chance at winning big. This time, the sought after prize was a free basketball ticket for Friday night’s game. Students spun in hopes of winning the free ticket. Junior Grace Arcadipane, while talking about the prize wheel, says, “The prize wheel is fun because you never know what you’re going to get. Saints Day is a chance for me and my friends to come together and win a prize each week. I have been hoping to win a blanket!” 

On Wednesday, February 22, as students prepared to head off for spring break, the SALD Staff carried down boxes of everyone’s favorite: t-shirts. Students were eager to get in line for a free women in sports t-shirt. The t-shirt line is always full of high energy and anticipation, and the week before spring break brought no less excitement. To welcome students back from spring break on March 8, the prize wheel offered a new item to be won: the Siena backpack. Saints were still eligible to win the classics of the pop-it, coloring changing cup, candy and much more, but several students got to win a backpack. The most sought after item on the wheel that day was the movie tickets. The Welcome Desk sells discounted movie tickets for both faculty and staff to purchase during their operating hours from 12:00 PM to 6:00 PM Monday through Friday, but during this prize wheel, some lucky students were offered movie tickets for free. Saints Days are a staple in the Siena experience for many students. Having the opportunity to stop by and be greeted with Siena spirit is the way of the Saints. Be sure to stop by this Wednesday at 1:00 PM!