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Books You Need To Read This Fall

We are in the midst of the fall season, so as you put on your flannels and cozy up with a blanket, you might want to consider picking up a book to complete that aesthetic. Although you may not have too much time on your hands, with crazy class schedules, homework and outside activities, reading is a great way to relax and get some alone time. Reading can arguably be the most fall activity there is right now.

To be honest, we all want to achieve the Gilmore Girls’ fall aesthetic of coffee drinking in Stars Hollow on a Sunday morning. So if you want to attain the Rory Gilmore aesthetic, throw on a pair of flared jeans, a comfy sweater, some converse and crack open one of these fall books. 

Rory Gilmore. Image courtesy of

One of my favorites to read in the fall is “Little Women” by Louisa May Alcott. This classic is perfectly set in the fall of Concord, Massachusetts. Could you get any more fall than New England? The coming of age novel follows Jo March and her sisters’ lives while they grow and find their passions and purposes. You may have already seen the two film adaptations of this book, but I think the book is a more enjoyable experience. In the same genre, “Pride and Prejudice” is another classic I like reading during the season. The classic love story is set in the gloomy and cold English countryside as you follow Elizabeth Bennet through her journey to find love and come to terms with her situation.

Little Women. Image courtesy of Barnes and Noble.

If you’re looking for something less romantic and more thrilling that will leave you on edge, Stephen King has many short stories and novels that will satisfy your desires. “Misery”, one of King’s more popular books, follows a romance novelist and his crazed fan in a thrilling story of her obsession with him. King’s “Pet Sematary” will most likely do the trick if this isn’t riveting enough. The book has a film adaptation I refuse to watch because of how scary it seems, but the book has wonderfully thrilling reviews.

Misery by Stephen King. Image courtesy of Barnes and Noble.

On a less scary note, another fantastic book I have read is “The Art Forger” by Barbara Shapiro. An exciting story that will make you want to keep reading until you can’t anymore. The book takes place over the course of a few years and jumps back and forth through time to accurately display the main character’s thoughts. The novel follows Claire through her struggle in her art career and personal relationships. This book is one of my favorites; it covers romance, mystery, is action-packed, and has an almost addictive storyline. I would highly recommend you pick this book up this fall.  

The Art Forger by B.A. Shapiro. Image courtesy of Amazon.

The book I am currently reading is “Daisy Jones and The Six” by Taylor Jenkins Reid. This book is written like a screenplay, which I believe makes reading it more enjoyable. The book is an interview of a band from the 60s and 70s and their peers telling the story of their lives and how they came to be. I am about halfway through and can not put it down. 

Daisy Jones & The Six by Taylor Jenkins Reid. Image courtesy of Amazon.

A book I hope to read this fall is “The Queen’s Gambit” by Walter Tevis, which was also adapted into a television show that was recently released. I hope to read the book before I watch the show, which I hope is not spoiled for me before I do. The novel follows the female main character as she plays chess, faces sexism, and deals with drug and alcohol use. 

The Queen’s Gambit by Walter Tevis. Image courtesy of Amazon.

These books are the perfect reads for a rainy and cold fall day. If you have some free time in your schedule definitely pick one of these up and start it.