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Arts and Crafts at Siena

Studies show that arts and crafts are a great way to decompress and relieve stress for those who have a busy schedule and various commitments. Although it may be easy to devote all of one’s time to studying, projects and midterms, Siena students deserve a well-earned time to relax with friends while doing something that is proven to help calm anxious minds. One of the many arts & crafts Siena has offered as of late was Vinyl Record Painting Night. Students could paint a vinyl, and even have it posted on the Siena Instagram for a chance to win a record player. 

As the leaves fall from the trees and the air grows colder, the scene images of fall begin to come to students’ minds. The perfect way to get into the spirit of both Halloween and Thanksgiving is through arts and crafts that perfectly capture the essence of the season in dorm room decor. In the lead-up to Halloween weekend, there has been an abundance of fall-related arts and crafts activities. Siena’s Sarazen Student Union became its very own pumpkin patch and allowed students to pick a pumpkin to paint. These quickly became adorned with Halloween iconographies like bats, cats and many other creatures of the night.

For those who preferred to deck their dorm with more trendy Halloween decor, the Student Union also offered an arts and crafts night that centered around creating Mason jar pumpkins. A chic take on a traditional pumpkin, the activity entailed painting the inside of a mason jar orange to resemble a pumpkin and using the metal top and a wine cork to add details to create an effect that looks like a vine sprouting from the gourd. 

Another way away from the Student Union that students were able to tap into their creativity was through door decorating contests in various halls across Siena. Students were able to break out their most creative Halloween idea for a chance to win a prize for the best-decorated door. As Saints walked the hallways of my dorm every day, they would get more into the Halloween spirit by seeing doors decked out in pumpkins, cobwebs, black cats, spiders and anything else imaginable. 

These fun events allow Siena students the chance for students to tap into their artistic side and take a break from their studies. As Thanksgiving and Christmas are right around the corner, there will be opportunities for Saints to tap into the creative spirit that comes with these holidays alongside their friends.