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Siena’s Student Nightlife

While sitting in one of the orientation presentations only a few weeks ago, I was intrigued by the bright, glowing projection of a presentation highlighting the various Student Nightlife events that would be taking place throughout the semester. During this time, questions rushed through my mind: how would I be able to make friends in a sea of people at a new college? What is the best way to even go about doing this? While I was brainstorming, a list of upcoming events rolled over the screen and reflected across the faces of students seated in the MAC. Little did I know, my question soon would be answered before I could think much more about it.

When it comes to tie-dyeing, roller skating, movie nights, bingo nights and carnivals, a swipe of a Saint card grants admission to these events that bring the Siena community together. The offerings include live entertainment, free food, comedians and dance parties that will take place for the remainder of the academic year. Such a variety of options will provide events for the introverts, extraverts and everyone in between who attends Siena.

The activities bring students together at various familiar locations on campus like the Nigro Plaza, the Marcelle Athletic Complex and the Sarazen Student Union. Part of the magic of these events is that they transform locations that are already frequented staples of campus into even more engaging settings. For example, a conference room in the student union was completely converted into a roller skating rink, complete with flashing black lights and chairs for those who, like me, struggled to skate on their first try. In the winter, a similar effect will be re-created for an ice skating rink in the academic quad between familiar dorms on campus.

Organizing so many components of these events, such as food trucks, prizes, DJs and skates, is most definitely a tall task. But, the team in charge makes it seem as if it is an effortless endeavor! This job is devoted to the Committee of the Siena Student Life Nights, which is a team of students working together to organize these memorable events for the college community. Such heavy planning requires great attention to detail, like providing Siena branded shirts to tie-dye with green and gold dye. Although pinning down so many specifics is difficult, it has paid off through the engagement I have witnessed at these events. I can say that, because of this turnout, these events have helped me build so many new friendships in only a few weeks.

Since college is typically a stressful time for every student, having time to step away from work and reset one’s mind is an incredibly valuable opportunity. There have been numerous times where my move-in week stress was relieved by meeting my friends and attending one of the on-campus events. This gratitude reflects in all of the smiling faces and groups of students, whether these faces are dying t-shirts, bouncing on inflatable castles, winning the newest big-ticket tech item, or glowing in the dark.