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The Emergence of a New and Improved GovBall Experience

By: Kiera Mitru

Every year, most north-eastern American music lovers simultaneously clutch their pearls as they scan line after line of the Govenor’s Ball NYC lineup for the first time. This year, after having 2020’s Govball festivities cancelled due to the pandemic, the closely anticipated music festival will likely look very different this year. However, the lineup of artists has something for everyone. 

The 2021 GovBall lineup is very dreamy! Image courtesy of

The festival, hosted in New York City, announced their 2021 artists earlier this week. This brought many questions to mind about safety, logistics, and the new post-pandemic concert experience. Govball has famously been held on Randall’s Island, a location only travelable by ferries, many of which have formerly been packed with concert-ready music enthusiasts by the thousands. This year, the festivities will take place at Citi Field between September 24th and 26th. The festival’s move to Citi Field makes it easier to get to by subways and surrounding roads, eliminating the previous stress of having to catch ferries and shuttles to see your favorite artists in action. 

The new and improved GovBall setting is sure to be a home-run! Image courtesy of

On the festival’s FAQ page, there are helpful responses to the many questions any concert-goer is bound to have as they look to buy tickets for the next big event. To name a few, the webpage covers complications that some may have with tickets and vouchers that rolled over into 2021 as well as suggestions for travel and lodging when staying in the city. 

Looking into restrictions and observations in response to the pandemic, the GovBall website shares that health guidelines are a “moving target” as vaccination rates and venue capacity suggestions from the CDC continue to change. 

In past years, the festival was set up in a triangular formation, but the new Citi Field location allows the festival to form a 360 experience, mitigating sound bleed and long walks between attractions. The GovBall website jokes, “You’re not a New Yorker unless you’ve moved a couple times ammiright?” The festival’s lineup also offers a 360 experience, hosting performers including Dababy, Phoebe Bridgers, A$AP Rocky, Big Thief, Amine, Princess Nokia, Cordae, Post Malone, and many more! The breadth of performers at GovBall each year is an attraction in itself, guiding many to wonder how so many different kinds of performers can all rock the same stages. With enthusiasm, good set design, and a little bit of New York Magic, GovBall guarantees a great viewing experience regardless of who you’re there to see.

Take a walk down memory lane … no masks, just vibes. Image courtesy of

As the world begins to come out of a period bound by restrictions and quarantines, music remains a source of hope and connection for all who listen to it. With eyes set to the future, “GovBallers,” as they’re called, can look forward to participating in the tradition of telling one another “You’re doing great,” just as they have in years past.