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“The Power of Music: Enjoyment on the Open Road”

Nothing is more healing than music and the open road. We can find therapy in traveling the world and allowing our music to provide a safety net for us amidst the turmoil of the world. Here are some of the best albums to roll the windows down and blast your car speakers to!

To Destress:

1991 found a heavy metal band becoming more mainstream with a self-titled effort from Metallica. Trading bombastic drums and earth-shatteringly long guitar riffs on previous efforts, this album found the band keeping it simple. Ironically enough, within the heaviness of the record, there is still simplicity and an introspective focus in lead singer/rhythm guitarist James Hetfield’s lyrics. He allows the listener to appreciate the simplicity of life, but also understand to look inward and know that their life will get better in the short term. 

Key tracks: “Holier Than Thou” and “Nothing Else Matters.”

Metallica's "Black Album" Took Them from Metal Heroes to Rock Giants |  Consequence of Sound
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To Get the Anger Out:

When you’re a fist of rage, it’s time to cue up Kid Rock’s 1998 effort Devil Without a Cause. This record is an epic fusion of rap, metal, hip hop, and country throughout 71 minutes of material. The beauty of the record’s structure is that it allows one to rage in waves over the album’s fourteen songs. The one-two punch of “Bawitdaba” and “Cowboy” at the top of the LP allows the listener to get their blood flowing before cooling down with lighter and less energy involved tracks such as the title track or “Wasting Time” before building back up to the profanity-ridden “F*** Off” featuring Eminem toward the end of the album. It’s a therapeutic journey that will have the listener rid themselves of anger and find peace once again. 

Key Tracks: “Bawitdaba”, “Cowboy” and “Somebody’s Gotta Feel This”

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When You Feel Misunderstood:

Seek refuge in knowing that you belong in Stone Sour’s Come What(Ever) May, their 2006 sophomore album. Built on the commentary of the Bush Administration, the record also questions human existence and facets of life. Although the content does seem to mock our way of life, it also serves as an inspiration and offers healing moments in songs that strive for us to do better and make something of ourselves; to question our values and renew ourselves. 

Key Tracks: “Hell & Consequences”, “Through Glass” and “Zzyzx Rd.”

Stone Sour – Come What(ever) May Lyrics | Genius Lyrics
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When Your Heart is Broken:

Seek refuge in knowing that the drive will remedy your broken heart alongside some of Jon Pardi’s 2019 album Heartache Medication. Check out my full review here.

When your heart is broken, you want to revel in your sadness but also lift up your spirits as well. The genesis of this record comes through as heartbreaking topics enjoy a happier twist to them. It’s a 2-for-1 deal where you can express your sadness but also remedy it toward happier times. Through Pardi’s delivery, he comes across as an old friend who is helping you through rough times. 

Key Tracks: “Nobody Leaves a Girl Like That”, “Me & Jack” and “Oughta Know That”

Heartache Medication - Wikipedia
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To Find Your Happiness:

Recall the simpler days where nothing mattered except having a good time which is conveyed in Thomas Rhett’s 2019 album Center Point Road. This album is built around nostalgia and remembering the simple times. These “simple times” refer to growing up and making the most of the teenage and young adult years. The lyrical images may be simplistic but it is wonderfully executed in order for listeners to put themselves into the song and transport them back to that specific moment in time. 

Key Tracks: “That Old Truck”, “Notice” and “Don’t Stop Drivin’”

Thomas Rhett: Center Point Road Experience -
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With the warm weather coming up, get out there and make this music bump through the speakers. Who knows, you may find a new favorite song!