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Black Widow Finally Gets Her Own Film

Calling all Marvel fans! For those of us who were destroyed by the snap in Infinity War, and then even more devastated in Endgame, exciting news does lie ahead. Although some of our favorite characters have been lost along the way, that does not entirely mean there is no future for them. For example, Black Widow may have sacrificed herself to save the world, but she will still be getting a solo movie this year. Black Widow, starring Scarlett Johansson, is set to be released on April 24, 2020. Almost a year following the death of her beloved character, she will get her own movie and fans will finally get to learn the background of this deadly heroine.

    What we do know about this film is that it will give us a glimpse into the upbringing of Natasha Romanov as she was trained by the K.G.B. to be a killer spy. It will, of course, take place before Endgame, and is said to follow Captain America: Civil War. Along with Johansson playing the title character, Little Women’s Florence Pugh will be playing Yelena Belova, who is also a Black Widow, and Stranger Thing’s David Harbour will be Alexei Shostakov, or the Red Guardian. There are rumors circulating that Robert Downey Jr. will reprise his role of the late Tony Stark/Iron Man for a cameo. Cate Shortland will be directing the film as Kevin Fiege, MCU veteran, will be on as a producer.

    It has taken a lot for this movie to get here. There have been issues with the film rights, casting and questions of who will be in charge. Thankfully these issues have found solutions and we will finally be getting a solo film for the first female hero from the film series of The Avengers. Black Widow not only was a great example of female empowerment but she is just overall a great character. It is extremely exciting for fans to learn more about the history of this character. She is not a typical hero who has super powers, she can’t fly and she doesn’t have any kind of suit that enhances her abilities. She herself is the weapon, being taught by the Russian Government since she was a child to be a deadly spy. Black Widow is not the only female Avenger, and she is not the first female character to be getting a solo film in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. However, she was the first female hero character introduced in the MCU and it is thrilling for fans to finally see her on the big screen as the title character of her own film. I have high hopes for this movie and wish it the best success. Take a break from preparing for finals and go check it out April 24th!