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NYFW Should Stick to Streetwear

Several websites have claimed that fashion is dead, or, more importantly, that New York Fashion Week (NYFW) is dead. Other fashion weeks – like Milan and London – are stealing the show for designer looks, and after looking at runway photos from NYFW, it seems New York is less interested in ball gowns and red carpet styles, but that’s what designers are serving up. With big frilly pieces and elaborate designs that can only be worn to such a special occasion dominated the runways of NYFW, it is no wonder average people are not as enthralled with it as they used to be. And perhaps, that’s the reason New York is struggling to capture the attention their week of fashion runways once had. Since London, Milan and Paris feel fancier and more elegant than New York, it doesn’t seem surprising that red carpet looks would be more of interest in those cities. New York runs differently in most ways, especially fashion, where it focuses on streetwear, not ballgowns and tiaras.

NYFW should stick to what New York knows best: streetwear! New York is one of the best cities for streetwear, which can be found on every corner. One of the most inspiring aspects of New York City for me is seeing what people are wearing, and the empowering feeling of wearing someone a little out there is the best! This city strives on streetwear, and it’s always quite the topic of conversation, no matter where you are in the city.

Even natives, like Timotheé Chalamet, wearing a typical streetwear look on the red carpet: a.k.a. his recent Oscar’s look! Which, I loved by the way! It was fresh, clean, and sooooo NYC!

Even the audience’s dress code followed streetwear more closely than elegant, big designs at the runway shows. Further indicating that people want to see their style reflected at big name fashion shows, rather than an unattainable, ultra glam style.

The real question here is whether or not fashion in New York City is dead, and the answer is no. It is just learning to rely on streetwear as the new formal wear, as that is what the city most commonly sees its citizens wearing.

That’s why – in my opinion – NYFW should rip up the runway dresses, the red carpet styles, and go full blown streetwear. Not only will locals and NYC fashion empires be more drawn to what NYC is craving, but it may just amp up the excitement for NYFW! 

NYFW should stick to streetwear only. Anyone can dream up a beautiful ballgown, but only the select few can make a drool worthy streetwear look! 

Make it custom to New York. It makes it more appealing and more city-defining. It’s bringing NYC to the runway, instead of bringing the runway to NYC.

I know I would rather sit and watch a runway show of streetwear looks than sit and look at stunning ballgowns in NYC. It’s edgy, it’s more complicated, it’s a statement and it’s everything that NYC needs.