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The Ugly Side to the Beauty Community

Some are familiar with the term cruelty free and others are ill informed. Either way it is an issue that needs more awareness. From makeup to shampoo, animals across the world are being killed by being tested on, 100 million a year to be exact. Bunnies, mice and even dogs are being tortured to create products that are supposed to make you feel good about yourself. The beauty community can be anything but pretty. Personally, using makeup that is unethically sourced is not something I will ever support. Yet still people seldomly know they are supporting animal testing by buying these products. This is mainly because not many people know the whole truth about the beauty community. The lack of education is alarming, but each day people are becoming less ignorant regarding the topic. I have been an advocate for animals for years. I even became a vegetarian junior year of high school after watching a documentary about the meat industry. Before I was informed about the topic of the treatment of animals and the torture they are put through to benefit humans, I was clueless.

Companies often produce their products in China because they are easier and cheaper to make there than in the United States. This cash grab is harmful and unnecessary yet companies still use these tactics. The unforgivable act of cruelty sits on store shelves without many people even realizing it. Recently, Covergirl realized their method of generating products was unethical and made the decision to become a cruelty free company. Others should follow suit. To name a few companies that should follow in their footsteps are NARS, Maybelline, MAC, and Benefit. These companies do not reveal information about their use of animals during product testing openly as they know it is unethical. The list of makeup brands is much longer, but you get the idea. This practice is outdated and should be put to an end. Europe knows how true this is as they have banned the testing of makeup on animals. Not surprisingly, they realize that it is cruel as well as unnecessary to treat animals so poorly. Many might find it unreasonable to say that it is wrong to conduct testing on animals because there is a lack of consent on their end. Yet that animal did not agree to be a part of this new product that one is developing. Even so, it is not that beneficial to test on animals anymore since research says that there are viable alternatives other than harmful methods of testing. Some are using computer models and human volunteers. The list goes on and on towards a more humane beauty community.

Without any pain relief, these animals are used for the sole purpose of beauty products. Some of the effects of being tested on are blindness and hair loss. As someone who loves doing their makeup, I can say this practice is definitely not worth the pain of another creature. There are many alternative options that people are unaware of. Companies such as Stila, Elf, and Colourpop are all ethically manufactured. Putting on my foundation and highlighting my cheekbones, I save a few animals in the process. The more I reject brands produced in China, the more these companies suffer. There are many other brands that are cruelty free as well and I encourage you to research them. You can find drugstore cruelty free makeup that does not break the bank. The road to being cruelty free is so incredibly easy. It does not take much to change your cruelly made products. To find more information about this topic, you can go to or These websites helped me start the process of transitioning towards a more cruelty free lifestyle. Even the smallest change can make a difference. Buying a cruelty free mascara rather than an unethical one is just one step towards protesting the cruel behavior of animal testing.