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Super Bowl LIV

              All football fans across the world were in for a treat on February 2nd, when the Kansas City Chiefs clashed against the San Francisco 49ers. Super Bowl LIV would make or break the two cities. The grit, grind, and sacrifice that must be tolerated by the 52 men on each team led them to this very moment. Both sides were ready for this final challenge and as expected, both teams came out punching right in the first quarter.

              By the end of the first quarter, the Chiefs came out victorious with a 7-3 lead over the Niners. A simple 1-yard run by QB, Patrick Mahomes, gave his Chiefs that advantage going into the second quarter. The Niners, however, did not let that effect their game as they were able to also score a touchdown during the end of the second. Niners’s QB, Jimmy Garoppolo, was able to throw a perfect 15-yard pass to Kyle Juszczyk for the additional six points followed up with a 1-point conversion. However, a Chiefs 31- yard field goal kept the game tied. By halftime, the score was 10-10 and it was still anyone’s game.

The second half of the game was introduced with a great half time show done by two famous Latina singers, J-Lo and Shakira. Not only was the performance done well, but there was a well-established diversity statement made by the two celebrities. Many people look up to these two for inspiration and they did not disappoint. Now back to the game!

It was clear the momentum had swung towards the Niners in the third quarter when they put up an additional ten points to the Chiefs zero. Jimmy Garoppolo was first able to lead his team down to Chiefs territory in which they took a comfortable 42-yard field goal. Only minutes later was Garoppolo able to get his running back, Raheem Mostert, an easy 1-yard touchdown. The score was now 10-21 in favor of the 49ers. The game started to seem too distant for the Chiefs to come back. However, the comeback king, Patrick Mahomes, did not let the pressure get to him as the game went into the fourth quarter.

Halfway through the 4th quarter, Mahomes stepped up and threw a touch down pass to his Pro Bowl tight end, Travis Kelce, making the game not too far out of reach now. The score is now 17-21 with less than six minutes left. The Chiefs were able to get the ball back soon after and once again, the Chiefs were able to score a touchdown. Running back, Damien Williams, was able to sneak through the 49ers defense with a 5-yard run. The Chiefs were now up 24-21. The tides had turned and the Niners only had once chance left to win Super Bowl LIV. The 49ers were unable to complete a first down on a 4th and 7 and so the Chiefs were able to get control of the ball with only a couple minutes to go. The Chiefs were able to put the game away with an impressive 38-yard run, completed by Chiefs own, Damien Williams. The 2020 Super Bowl and Lombardi trophy were claimed by the Kansas City Chiefs! Congratulations to Chiefs head coach Andy Reid for his first Super Bowl win in his long coaching career!