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Impeachment Trials

Complete Acquittal | Not Guilty

Trump has been acquitted in the senate. Impeachment trials are no longer in session.
  • Trump was acquitted of both impeachment articles by the senate | Would need 67 senators (2/3 Senate) to indict the President on the alleged crimes.
  • Abuse of power: 52-48 (Senate vote)
  • Obstruction of Congress : 53-47 (Senate vote)

The Impeachment Trials have ended with an acquittal of all alleged crimes outlined in the Impeachment articles. Trump has been deemed not guilty of both articles of impeachment by the Senate. From what can be easily observed, the vast majority voted along party lines. It was for the most part a predictable outcome, due to the lack of evidence, political tension, and the reality of the partisan endeavor ever remaining. Two-Thirds of the senate was required to remove the President from office for the alleged crimes, falling short of the 67 senators needed by quite a large margin.

                The first article of Impeachment, abuse of power, ended up with an 52-48 vote in the senate, acquitting him of the alleged crime. The next and final article of impeachment, obstruction of congress, ended with an 53-47 vote, clearly him of this accusation as well.

                This ends the endless bickering, and outright slander at the capitol. A time in U.S political history once again that Impeachment trials are being held, indeed a historic moment, not to mention it being held during a period of political tension, unique for the 2000’s. However, the battle for the next Presidency has never stopped, and continues to rage on within the political battlefield of America.

                With the upcoming election in 2020, all eyes are on the current President Donald Trump and the front-runners of the Democrat party. The public perspective on the impeachment trial was for the most part split for independents, while for members of both parties, were mainly standing with their registered political party and their agenda.