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Student Government Association Election Results

Two weeks ago, Siena held its annual election for various positions within Student Government Association Organizations. These Organizations include: Commuter Student Association, Student Events Board, Class Councils and Student Senate. In case you missed the results, here’s a brief recap of what happened on election day.

Starting with Commuter Student Association, the elections were primarily uncontested. The Commuter Student Association is an organization on campus that is set up to advocate and plan events for our commuter population on campus. Dominic Barnett, Gursimran Sahota, and Lily Wang running for President, Vice President, and Secretary respectively, all ran unopposed. The Treasurer race was contested and the winner was Trevor Telesky.

The Student Events Board elections were all unopposed. The Student Events Board is an organization that is set up to plan the fun events we have on campus. From Coffeehouses on Thursdays to Siena Night Life events for Saturday Nights to Family Weekend to everyone’s favorite weekend of the year, SienaFest! Riley Hall won the Presidency, Justin Blanchfielf will be Vice President, Elizabeth Pegarella will be Treasurer, and Zariyah Fowler will be Secretary. 

The Class Council Elections saw much more competition. Each class council is responsible for holding events while also trying to plan for a senior gift and advocate for the members of each class. The Class of 2020 Class Council was determined in last year’s election at the end of the Fall 2018 Semester and will finish out their terms upon graduation. Gianna Di Gregorio will be the President of the Class of 2021 and Analy Lara Baez will be Vice President until the Class of 2021 graduates. Halle Strieter will be President of the Class of 2022 and Nicole Sell will be Vice President. The Class of 2023 has a full board. Sam Hearn will be the President of the Class of 2023, Carly Fanning will be Vice President, Nick Discala will be Treasurer, and Cody Gadway will be Secretary.

The Student Senate Elections all went unopposed as well. Student Senate is an organization that was set up to advocate on behalf of the entire student body to administration. Eric Weiss will be the next President of Student Senate, Hunter Galpin will be Vice President, and Amelia McNeice will be Treasurer.

As you probably noticed, there are a lot of openings on most of the boards. These positions will be filled by an application process. These applications were due on December 5 and interviews will be held on Reading Day. Updates will be provided once those positions are filled.

If you missed your opportunity to apply, don’t worry there are still more ways to get involved. All of these clubs hold meetings where students can get involved with the different organizations, check out SaintsConnect to learn more!