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Silence is a Lot More Powerful Than Tweets, Mr. Trump

President Trump has once again got himself tangled up in a scandal. After news broke about the President and his team covering up a phone call between him and the Ukrainian President, impeachment has been brought up again. After a few short days after the impeachment inquiry was announced, Trump took to Twitter to air out his complaints. 

This isn’t his first time using Twitter to defend himself. 

In fact, he just broke his own record with four dozen tweets. 

Tweets like “The Democrat Party has hijacked the House of Representatives…” or “Despite this, the Corrupt New York times…” just irritate the public more. The President uses his Twitter account as comment section to the Nation’s woes against him. Instead of just being silent, instead of fueling the media’s mockery of him, he just goes off in an unprofessional manner. 

Well, silence can be more powerful than words, Mr. President. 

He continuously behaves like a little boy by constantly feeling the need to defend himself against the liberal media. But this only fuels the media’s response to mock him. Instead of just staying silent and letting the “joke” dry out, he just gives them another day’s news. 

Everyone expects it. The only one who doesn’t seem him to get it is him. Or maybe he’s doing it deliberately. 

After an impeachment inquiry, wouldn’t it be best to just shut up and keep it as quiet as possible? Instead of running your mouth on Twitter? 

Wouldn’t it just be easier to let things blow over, rather than look like your hiding something by calling out other people? 

Every time something doesn’t go Trump’s way, he has to tell the nation. Well, it’s time to stop airing everyone’s dirty laundry out on Twitter. 

It does not make our President nor our country look good to the world when our President is in a constant battle with the media, with his own people, the Democrats and Congress. He chooses to work against the people and organizations that are meant to help him, and keep the country informed. He tells lies about politicians and his own wrongdoings. 

What a laughing stock we must be to the rest of the world. 

There’s a lot more power in silence than there is in defending every little thing about your character and reputation. The country shouldn’t know every little thing that Trump hates about the Democrats or Congress or others. 

Next time, let it blow over. You’re just making yourself a laughing stock to your own people.