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Siena Madness 2019

Siena Madness was last week, and it definitely didn’t disappoint.. The three-point contest and two-versus-two contest, where a player was matched with a spectator were a lot of fun to watch, and the dunk contest just about stole the show. Personally, that shows just how much pride we Saints have in our college.

One of the things that makes Siena College great is the diversity of the experience, and of the student body. Both of Siena’s basketball teams, men’s and women’s, were comprised of students from all over the country, and even from all around the world. Both teams had players from as far away as France and Greece, which was surprising. Of course, it was a pleasant surprise, learning that people came from as far away as they did to attend Siena. That’s just further proof that there’s a place for everyone here, especially when it comes to madness.

As if the three-point contest wasn’t mad enough, the cheerleading team showed the crowd their routines and afterwards received raucous applause, something they wholeheartedly deserved, given the tremendous effort and stamina that went into their show, something nobody can dispute. Five minutes (in other words, an incredibly long routine) of handstands, flips, and pyramids had to have been

Among the other events to admire at Siena Madness were an appearance by Bernie and an introduction of all of our 2019-2020 women’s and men’s teams, and to cap it all off, free pizza, a siren song to any college student.

This next season of Siena basketball looks like it’s shaping up to be quite an impressive season. If the skills that were on display at Siena Madness last Thursday night were any indication of what’s in store for our Saints over the course of the next season, it looks like we’re going to be doing very well. Every single one of the players towered over all of the spectators, and Siena has the ability and determination to tower over the competition in the season to come.

Siena’s first basketball game, for both men and women, will come in just under two weeks. On Tuesday, November 5, the women’s team will face off against Binghamton at the Times Union Center in Albany, and the men will take up arms and basketball against American University.

It’s already been said, but that doesn’t make it any less true, that the Siena Saints have the ability to take both of those teams down. When the Saints come marching in, nobody’s going to stand in their way.

All the best to the Siena Saints, march on!