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Get Lost in “The Two Lila Bennetts”

Are you interested in binging crime shows? Maybe you like seeing things from multiple perspectives? Or maybe you just want to read a book in one night, even if you shouldn’t? Instead of procrastinating on schoolwork with Netflix, procrastinate with novel “The Two Lila Bennetts” by Liz Fenton. 

Lila Bennett is a defense attorney who, until now, doesn’t make good life choices, from the candidates she defends to cheating on her loving and depressed husband. Lila Bennett is a sympathetic protagonist, who has had it pretty rough. Learn about her difficult past, and see how cause and effect take a role in how her life pans out. The novel shows how different life can be based on one’s choices. Lila Bennett is kidnapped and all of the sudden, her past sins seem to catch up to her. Or is she? 

“The Two Lila Bennetts” also shows another dimension in which Lila isn’t kidnapped and how that plays out. If you are interested in multiple dimensions and choices that carry over, this book is for you.  The novel’s twists, turns and unexpected destinations invite the reader to get lost amongst the pages. “The Two Lila Bennetts” is a novel for every type of reader from the crime junkies to those that only read a book once every five years. The psychology behind the novel draws the reader into its plot. Lila Bennett is the most frustrating, lovable and realistic character to grace the pages of novels. Lila must choose which parts of herself are good and should keep living on, and which parts should die. The reader will become so involved in the life of Lila and how her life turns out in the end. 

This novel is a must-read for any and all crime enthusiasts. On my scale, this novel is a solid 9.5 that will bring enjoyment to lovers of all genres. While all of your papers and required texts may be piled up to the ceiling, this is one book you won’t want to miss. Trust me, if you enjoy binge-watching all of those crime and suspense shows on Netflix, this book is for you.

Readers won’t be able to put it down. But, why would they want to?  Reading is an important aspect of life, and it shouldn’t all be assigned work from professors. Read because you want to. Lila Bennett, she is one character that I would like to talk to, to get in her head and see how she thinks. This might be the one book that, no matter the major of the student or the genre that they’re interested in, they will want to read. This book is a must-read. Once you have it in your grasp, you will not want to put it down for anything.