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Weeks of Welcome Come to a Close with the Annual International Food Fest

Students were lined up out the door Saturday, September 14th for the ever so popular SNL event: The International Food Fest. As day number 8 of Siena’s “Weeks of Welcome” unfolded, the campus community came out to celebrate before the doors in the Sarazen Student Union had even opened. The event was organized and hosted by Siena’s very own Student Events Board. 

The event serves as an annual opportunity for attendees to sample bites from around the globe. Therefore, it’s no surprise that it generates such a massive turn out each year. Guests worked their way around the room in a single-file line, stopping at each country that had snacks that peaked their interest. The only downfall: with dishes looking as delectable as they did, many plates were full before they even made it to the crepe station in France. 

A few of the fan favorites included suya (a spicy meat skewer) from Guyana, Thailand’s pad Thai, and of course a glass of Irish lemon-lime punch to wash it all down. The Australian station provided light and airy pavlova while Jamaica had savoy jerk chicken. The cannolis at the Italian station were another notable hit with guests, but just from observing where the crowd gravitated, it was easy to see that the crepes were stealing the show. At the French station, customizable crepes were prepared to order. Some of the familiar faces that students typically see prepping daily meals inside of Longstum dining hall were also the ones making Saturday night’s cultural feast. Campus executive chef, Josh Miller, was working diligently with his crew to make sure the night was a success. 

The International Food Fest was made possible by Siena’s Student Events Board, SEB. SEB is dedicated to providing quality entertainment for the campus community throughout the school year. With about 250 inclusive, creative, and elaborate events showcased in the course of the academic year, the International Food Fest was just a taste of what SEB has to offer. Every Saturday night starting at 9 pm, SEB hosts other “Siena Night Life” events such as concerts, spa nights, and of course, bingo.

The intertwining of culture and community is what makes the International Food Fest so appealing to students every year, (while I’m sure the promise of free food does not hurt) and this year was no exception. From franks with friars to glow in the dark mini golf to the club fair, Siena will round off its’ Weeks of Welcome with the food fest and the Sunday mass that followed. If you are interested in keeping up to date with other similar SEB events, be sure to follow them on their social media sites: Facebook- Siena Student Events Board and Twitter, Snapchat, & Instagram @SienaSEB.