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Students and Faculty Present Research at The 7th Annual Marketing Colloquium

Nine students and two professors showed off their hard work at the 7th annual Marketing Colloquium on Friday, Feb. 15, 2019. The marketing colloquium is a chance for students and faculty to show the research they worked on or have developed a plan for throughout the last semester or years in various marketing courses, independent studies or summer research projects sponsored by the Center for Undergraduate Research and Creative Activity. The faculty presentations were research done while at Siena and also for their Ph.D. dissertations.

There were four student presentations throughout the event, starting with senior Erin Noble who discussed her plan to research how key demographic variables can affect a person’s perception of sexual appeal used in advertising. Noble discussed how she is going to use survey analysis to determine how personality type, religiosity and sexual orientation can affect whether they are favorable toward sexual appeals used by Coors Light in advertising. When deciding on a topic, Noble really had to think about why the research would benefit society and marketers as a whole. Noble stated, “I believe my research is useful because research like this has never been done before. There has been research that is similar, but no research so far that we have seen has been as holistic as the research I am doing.” Noble continued by discussing how an increase in diversity makes her research even more useful, “Another reason my research is so useful because there is a growing market segment within the LGBTQ community and we need to find ways to effectively appeal to this market segment.”

The colloquium takes months of hard work to plan. Dr. Jie Sun of the Marketing Department has had the reigns in planning the event every year for the last four years. Dr. Sun finds a lot of value in research, which is much of the reason she plans the colloquium. She encourages students to participate in research for many reasons. She described, “Research experience allows students to determine an area of interest, learn to balance collaborative and individual work, and better understand published works. Through exposure to research, students jump-start their careers as researchers, and hopefully continue on to graduate studies.”

The marketing colloquium will be held again next year. When asked about why students should attend, Dr. Sun stated, “Anticipate the annual marketing colloquium in the future will be an evolving set of presentation topics that will reflect the latest industry innovations, the most current research techniques, and the best practices in the field, which will be very beneficial for the students to attend.” Keep an eye out in the Student Digest for next year’s dates.