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Sienafest Artist Revealed

Siena students packed into Casey’s on March 13 in anticipation of the yearly announcement for which artist would be coming to play Sienafest. Fetty Wap fans will be excited to know the rapper will be coming to Siena on April 12.

The announcement came with plenty of hype this year, with a quick show by some of this year’s Mr. Siena contestants. SEB then played a video asking various Siena students who they thought would be coming this year, with popular guesses coming from the first semester’s polls including Jesse McCartney and Sean Kingston. As the artist was revealed, SEB members tossed out Fetty Wap’s Rap Snacks to the excited fans.

One of the self-proclaimed biggest Fetty Wap fans on campus, sophomore Marcella DeAngelis, was ecstatic about the news. DeAngelis, who named her car “Fetty” after the rapper, said “This is the best day of my life. Fetty Wap got me through high school and this is the turning point of my life.” Joking or not, the excitement was palpable through the Sarazen Student Union as his song “Trap Queen” played behind the announcement video.

Fetty Wap reached the height of his popularity as it currently stands in 2015 with his self-titled debut album. Four singles off of the album including “Trap Queen” and “679” reached Billboard Hot 100’s Top 40 that same year. The song includes many features from the Remy Boyz, other east coast rappers that Fetty Wap often associates with and alludes to in his songs.

Although the rapper seems to have been laying relatively low as of late, fans can look forward to some new music to potentially hear onstage. Fetty Wap just released a new single titled “History” in February of this year, a more laid-back song about missing an ex. This may mean fans of the artist have a new album to look forward to in the near future, although no official announcements have been made besides an upcoming European tour.

Siena students looking to attend this year’s concert had the opportunity to buy pre-sale tickets for $10, but are still able to buy tickets for $15 for themselves. Their guests, up to two per student, are able to purchase tickets for $20. The student guest opener has yet to be announced, but will be one of the student groups participating in Musical Mayhem on March 16.