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Kavanaugh Accuser’s Pants Are Most Definitely on Fire

After the FBI and Senate committee completed their investigations of the sexual assault accusations against Brett Kavanaugh, they found absolutely nothing to prove Kavanaugh guilty of any allegations. Zero corroborative evidence that Kavanaugh did anything to anyone. Instead, they actually found that one of the allegations was a tale full of lies. The fact that one of the Kavanaugh accusers “fabricated” her accusation does not shock me at all. The entire “circus” that was the Kavanaugh hearing, as I previously wrote about, was an embarrassing fallacy and major distraction to the American people, covering the news media 24/7, for a sham at the expense of an innocent man and his reputation. Using the word “fabricated” in this situation is a delicate way of saying this accuser is a big fat liar.

During all of the Kavanaugh chaos, Judy Munro-Leighton had anonymously claimed, in a handwritten letter to California Senator Kamala Harris, that (now Supreme Court Justice) Brett Kavanaugh raped her “several times in the backseat of a car” in, which she said, was a “vicious assault”. Munro-Leighton recently told the committee that she lied in her original letter and that she had never even met Kavanaugh.

Before admitting to her lies, she reportedly claimed in her letter that, “They dropped me off two blocks from my home. ‘No one will believe if you tell. Be a good girl,’ he told me… I have credibility. Just because something happens a long time ago, because a rape victim doesn’t want to personally come forward, does not mean something can’t be true.”

In her letter, she also expressed violent acts of rape and sexual assault by Kavanaugh, which she now admittedly lied about. Disclaimer: The Promethean’s Editorial Board found this (now absent) quote that I took directly from Munro-Leighton’s letter describing what Kavanaugh apparently did to her, too “triggering” and “gratuitous” for a campus newspaper.

How terrible is this? A grown woman knowingly accused an innocent man, with an impeccable record, of committing these disgusting acts. She admitted to lying entirely about these horrid doings, but she most certainly had emotion and raw details in her story. This is the major issue I have with the #MeToo movement; no accuser is dared to be questioned because of the emotional factor behind it. Instead, whenever anyone comes forward with a sexual assault claim, they are to be believed no matter what the situation is or how many holes are in their story.

I have heard things like, “Who would lie about something like that?”, “How dare you say she is lying!”, and the most famous of recent events, “We believe survivors.” With this notion, we are throwing away due process like it is trash. Every American has the right to due process of law: a fundamental, constitutional guarantee that all legal proceedings will be fair and that one will be given notice of the proceedings and an opportunity to be heard before the government acts to take away one’s life, liberty, or property. Without this, all innocent persons are in a very dangerous place in this country.

It is obviously not unheard of for people to lie and falsely accuse those who are innocent. We have seen it time and time again; whether it is a small percentage is completely irrelevant. What kind of a country would we be if we condemned every single individual who was just simply accused of committing a crime?

Voltaire: “It is better to risk saving a guilty person than to condemn an innocent one.”

Let me be clear, I am not saying that accusations should be taken lightly or that all women are lying about sexual assault for a motive. I believe that many women unfortunately suffer for their whole lives because of sexual assault and never tell anyone and when they do tell someone, no matter how long ago the crime was committed, it should always be taken seriously. What this woman has done is negate this, by crafting a lie and telling a gory story that never happened. All this does is make it harder for truthful victims to come forward. For this, she should be punished, and everyone should condemn this sort of behavior.

Still, I am explaining that all allegations being true is clearly not always the case, as it is shown here. Judy Munro-Leighton admitted that her false accusation was a “ploy” and a “tactic” because she was opposed to Kavanaugh’s confirmation. This is a prime example of why we have innocent until proven guilty. This is why when someone is accused there should be due process, and everyone should be given a fair trial – no matter the crime in which they were accused. This is because, unfortunately, there are people out there, like this horrible woman, who will tell stories and “fabrications” for unjustified reasons such a spite, revenge, and recognition.

Just imagine someone close to you being accused of something that they did not do. Now imagine that innocent person being condemned for that crime. Luckily, that is not the conclusion from this woman’s lie and she was caught in it, but we cannot say the same for every other similar scheme created by awful people who we can only hope will get theirs in the end.