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Falling for Fall Fusion: A Recap

Fall Fusion, the talent show that takes place every fall semester, is definitely one of my favorite Siena traditions. Each year, the Asian Student Association partners with the other affinity clubs; Muslim Student Association, PRIDE-GSA, Black and Latino Student Union and Latinos Unificados para Nuestro America, to present this show where students get the opportunity to showcase their unique talents. Individuals are encouraged to perform, and every year there are phenomenal performances by solo dancers and singers. Big groups on campus, like Chaotick, the Irish Step Team and the Bhangra Team, are all fan favorites, always sure to put on a great show. This year was no exception, and between solo performances, bands and dance groups, the talent was extraordinary. This year’s, the show was on Nov. 17, and the theme was “Culture, Not Coachella.”  After having the pleasure of being one of the co-hosts last year, I was asked to host it once again this time with my friend Samuel Upson. We had a fun time introducing each act and welcoming them to the stage, as well as keeping the energy of the crowd up. The acts were quite easy to hype up though, and in the span of two hours, 15 phenomenal acts graced the stage.

The show was full of regulars and newcomers alike, and Siena’s very own Chaotick opened the show. The team danced to a hip-hop medley and popped, locked and dropped it. Lost in Sound, Siena’s acapella team, wowed the crowd with their medley of songs, using their voices and bodies as instruments. The Irish Step Team put on an outstanding show, and their legwork is truly fascinating to watch. The step team, S.O.L.I.D. put on quite the show, and they’ve always been one of my favorite acts, never missing a step. The Bhangra team closed the show in a foot-stomping, hand-clapping engaging dance to a medley of traditional songs as well as chart-toppers.

As someone who can’t dance to save their life, I’m always stunned by the solo dancers. Jada Hawkins-Hill, who’s danced in every Fall Fusion since her freshman year, looked excited and proud to be on stage for her last Fall Fusion, and as usual, her dancing was absolutely awesome to watch.  Fariyah Omarshah also danced in her last Fall Fusion and danced in a very traditional style that was absolutely compelling. Brianna Murphy danced in her first Fall Fusion, twisting and spinning around in an extraordinary performance. Gianna Paris performed in her first Fall Fusion and her dance was graceful and on point. Another solo performer, Medha Palnati, sang a song with nothing but a backing track and she did an extraordinary job.

A number of bands also wowed the audience with an assortment of instruments and songs ranging from original pieces to classics. Connor Graham played the keyboard twice, once with Kelsey Baron on vocals. The pair performed a very moving original song. He also played once with Hannah Morley on vocals and Sam Upson on percussion, performing a classic tune that encouraged people to sing along in the audience! Kaiti Ryan and Caleb Messinger amazed the audience by teaming up with a microphone and a piano. I got the chance to take the stage with my friend Hugo Castro and performed two alternative pop-punk songs with a drum kit and a ukulele. I can’t vouch for it being spectacular but it sure was a blast!

All in all, every act that performed in Fall Fusion did a wonderful job. It’s certainly not easy to get on a stage and perform, but it was fantastic to be a part of it. If you didn’t get the chance to go, don’t fret; in the spring, the affinity clubs team up yet again to put on Exposé, another talent show of sorts, so be sure to mark your calendars for that one!