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Oh, Rocky!

On Oct. 19 and Oct. 20, the annual live shadow casting of “The Rocky Horror Picture Show” took place. Every year, PRIDE-GSA and Stage III, two prominent clubs on campus, collaborate to put on this amazing event. This was the first year that the show ran for two nights rather than one, a decision that I’ve found most people agree with, especially considering that more than 50 people came to the show each night.

“The Rocky Horror Picture Show” is just as bizarre as it sounds, trying to explain it in full would lead to much more confusion. At its core, it is a musical-comedy, released in 1975, that is essentially a parody of science-fiction movies that were popular at the time. The show is absolutely ridiculous and convoluted but that’s arguably part of what makes it so much fun to shadow cast. A shadow casting is essentially a showing of the movie projected in the background but actors mimic the film in the foreground by lip-syncing to the dialogue and songs. The actors are physically acting out the movie, so the experience is almost as if the movie is being projected in very vivid 3D. It is really phenomenal to see! In traditional shadow castings of the show, the audience is also given a participation script and invited to yell things, often obscene things during the show. But don’t worry, Siena’s shadow casting of the show follows the same rules! It can be overwhelming to have to focus on the movie, the performers and the script but once you get the hang of it, it’s a fantastic experience.

I first went to the shadow casting my freshman year. Even now, as a senior,  I still remember how new and exciting the experience was. The show was funny, and the actors brought their A-game.  I was hooked. I’ve been to every shadow casting since, even getting to play a small role in the show last year. This year, I had the privilege of being a part of the cast again, but this time in the role of Brad Majors, the main “hero” of the story. I wasn’t sure what to expect but every rehearsal got me more amped up for the show. The cast was filled with amazing people who were really passionate about the show. Everyone worked together to do whatever was possible to make sure things were running smoothly and everyone felt comfortable. I definitely was nervous right up until I mimed the first song but my experience was a truly fantastic one.

Of course, I didn’t get to see the show this year, but from what I’ve heard, people really enjoyed it and a lot of first-year students came. The cast did a wonderful job and put on a great show. I’m excited for the future of the event, and it’s good to know that a cult classic that was made in the 1970s is still popular during Halloween at Siena College.