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How Does Michael Myers Measure Up 40 Years Later?

What better way to celebrate Halloween than going to see the much anticipated remade sequel of the iconic movie “Halloween”? I figured there wasn’t one so I made sure to go check it out this past week.

The original movie, released in 1978, has remained a classic scary movie for 40 years. Without giving too much away, young Michael Myers sneaks into his older sister’s room on Halloween night and brutally murders her. His parents find him bloody and visibly unshaken outside of the home and proceed to send him away to a sanitarium, as stabbing your older sibling typically isn’t taken as normal behavior.  The movie skips ahead fifteen years to future Michael in the sanitarium, and Michael’s psychiatrist, Dr. Loomis,  claiming Michael is far too dangerous to ever be released. However, Michael doesn’t seem to agree, as very soon after, he escapes. Young Laurie Strode and her friends are introduced to the plot, and Michael soon enacts on his killing spree, murdering all of Laurie’s friends and eventually attempting to kill her. Laurie gets away and Michael is presumed dead, however, taking in the nine following sequels of “Halloween” movies, obviously, this ends up not being the case.

I had pretty low expectations going into the movie – I figured it would be pretty good, but I wasn’t expecting to be sufficiently spooked. I definitely wasn’t prepared to be scared out of my mind and looking over my shoulder at every tiny noise I heard for the rest of the night, but this is, in fact, what happened. The movie was incredibly well done. If you’ve seen the original, you know that a horror movie made in 1978 doesn’t have the best quality and the gore aspects are seemingly lackluster. In the original movie, sounds, screams and blood spatter do their part in making sure you know someone is being murdered but hardly any gore actually makes an appearance. In the new movie, the gore is unreal, and as a horror movie/gore junkie I loved this. Such murders included Michael killing two investigative journalists in a gas station bathroom and hanging someone up on the wall solely using a knife. One of the eeriest parts was when Michael walked into the gas station bathroom and dropped a bunch of bloody teeth on the floor, from his previous murder, in front of the girl he was about to kill.  Not only did this movie scare the life out of me, but there were strong parallels to the original movie including the inclusion of the actress who played Laurie in the original movie, Jamie Lee Curtis, and Nick Castle who played the iconic Michael.

If you’re a fan of horror movies and gore, I highly encourage you to go see this movie. Blood and gore, and Jamie Lee Curtis wielding weapons and a rigged up house in order to get the justice she so deserves – what more could you ask for?