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It Started Out with a Diss, How Did It End Up Like This?

Harper Bazaar’s New York Fashion Week ended with a bang on the night of Sept. 7 when Cardi B was photographed being escorted out of the after-party. She was seen with a smug look and a bumped forehead, leading to speculation over what might have happened. Fans didn’t have to wonder for very long — it was soon revealed that Cardi had allegedly tried to attack Nicki Minaj at the party. Videos surfaced of Cardi screaming at Nicki and she even went so far as to throw one of her high-heeled shoes at her fellow rapper before she was escorted out of the event. The news came as a huge surprise to a lot of people, seeing as the two rappers have collaborated on material together, including the Migos song, “Motorsport.” Others have pointed out that the blowout might have been inevitable.

Most of you are probably familiar with Cardi B: her breakout single “Bodak Yellow” was part of the soundtrack of last year, and her subsequent album, “Invasion of Privacy,” is acclaimed and was received well by critics and fans alike. She also recently welcomed her first child, a daughter named Kulture, with her husband Offset, of the popular group Migos. Nicki Minaj is another prominent female rapper, who recently dropped her fourth album, “Queen.” Her and  Cardi B have had a public relationship with one another since early 2017. When the former collaborated with Katy Perry on the song “Swish Swish,” she chose to include a line that seemed to diss Cardi’s partner Offset, which made things tense between the two. During that time, there were interactions between them that caused many to speculate that they were feuding, including certain lines in songs and comments made during their concerts. Despite this, the two seemed to be on better terms in September 2017 and accusations of a feud between them were few and far in between. In May, they were even photographed together at the Met Gala. After this apparent reconciliation, Nicki blocked Cardi on Twitter, leading fans to wonder what could have happened during only a few months. The most likely answer, which is still being verified, might have to do with Cardi’s daughter Kulture,

According to Cardi, having no regrets about what happened, she reacted the way she did upon seeing Nicki at the party because she believed that Nicki had been insulting her and the way she is raising her daughter behind her back. She claims that she was tired of putting up with Nicki not being genuine and wanted to confront her. As of now, Nicki and her supporters have denied those accusations and Nicki is embarrassed and mortified by their altercation. Cardi stands by what happened, and her fans believe she was justified. Of course, there is no way to verify either of their remarks, and most of the details are shrouded in mystery. Celebrity drama is often unpredictable and as much as we might try to deny it, most of us can’t help but want to know more about it. It’s unclear whether a reconciliation might happen one day, but for now, we’ll just enjoy the tension.