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Should the Netflix Series, “You” be renewed for Season 5?

Fans waited patiently for the next season of the Netflix series, “You”, starring Penn Badgley as the obsessive serial killer, Joe Goldberg, and viewers got more than what they asked for. Season four part one was released on February 10th, 2023. Season four part two was released March 9th, 2023. To say the two parts are completely different tracks would be an understatement. 

Joe Goldberg is a good guy. Joe Goldberg seemed to be turning around as a human during the first part. He has always been persistent that he is a good man who is in the worst situations. This season Joe wanted to stay clear of romance and was focusing on himself. Until he got thrown into the mix with the “Eat the Rich” killer. The series creators did a great job at convincing the audience that Rhys Montrose (Ed Speleers) was stalking Joe and killing these people. For the entire part one, viewers are led to believe that Joe is actually being good and he is even the victim for having a stalker. This idea ended pretty quickly into part two. Audiences find out that Joe was the killer all along and that he was obsessed with Rhys, who had nothing to do with the killings.

Joe’s Mental Breakdown. Viewers find out Joe is going through some sort of psychotic break. Joe has developed erotomania, which is why he becomes so obsessed with Rhys. This disorder is when a person is convinced they have a close relationship with a celebrity that they most likely have not met. Joe wants to believe so badly that he is a good man so he depicts Rhys as his darker side–even though he does not know the real Rhys at all. Joe is blackmailed into killing Rhys because Tom Lockwood (Greg Kinnear) told him to do so, so Joe decides to confront Rhys for his crimes. Rhys ‘plays innocent’ (because he is) and Joe believes it’s an act and goes through with the murder. When Rhys dies, another Rhys appears *insert loud gasp from audience*. Joe dissociates himself so much with his darker side that he does not remember committing any of the crimes…and worst of all he does not remember where he is keeping Marrienne (Tati Gabrielle).  

Joe’s Reawakening. After Joe comes to a realization that his darker side still exists (he finds this out after killing his girlfriend’s father) Joe decides to end his life. Joe fears that Kate (Sera Gamble) will end up like all the other women in his life. He is arguing at the top of a bridge with his darker side (fake Rhys) and pushes Rhys off of the bridge–signifying that he is killing that side of himself. Joe then jumps off the bridge and seems to be dead. Then he suddenly wakes up in a hospital bed…alive and well. Kate comes to visit him and he opens up about his past and she tells him they can start over. Joe has gotten a second chance at life…but will he really use this to change?

Happily Ever After…? Marrienne, Joe’s tortured love from his past was held captive the entire time Joe was in his imaginary world. She only survives due to his snoopy student Nadia (Amy Leigh-Hickman). Marrienne escapes Joe and he believes she is dead and she gets to return home to her daughter.

Nadia does not get the ending she deserved. She spent most of the show trying to help Marrienne and end Joe’s killing career, doing all good things. But who always wins in the end…the star of the show. Joe kills Nadia’s boyfriend, Edward (Brad Alexander) and frames him for Rhys’ murder and frames Nadia for Edwards. Poor Nadia.

On the bright side our happy couple, Joe and Kate return to New York City where she clears his name with her family’s powerful connections. They both promise to keep each other good and honest. Everything seems to be done and over when Joe stares at his reflection and Rhys is staring back at him. This then shows the audience that Joe still carries his darker side with him and that he is not going to change his murderous ways despite having more than he ever wanted.


You” has given fans some serious entertainment for the last five years. Although many people have a love/hate relationship with Joe Goldberg, I think our time with him should be ended. This season was definitely an interesting one but also one that gave fans a sense of closure. Sure, people wanna know if he will continue his killing spree but I think everybody knows the answer to that. Joe will never change no matter how much love he experiences. He is a needy guy and needy people are never satisified. So as much as I have enjoyed watching Joe’s chaotic life I think it is best to say goodbyes to the beloved show.