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Luck of the Irish? Celebrating St. Patrick’s Day, with a Breakdown on who’s hot and who’s not at the final stretch of the NHL season

The NHL season is coming to a close with the most games remaining belonging to the Nashville Predators at seventeen. As some teams seem to have things locked up in their respective divisions, others are either out of the race or fighting for dear life. Option three is always fun to witness, especially this late in the season, watching the scrambling of teams to make that last day playoff push. So in the spirit of St. Patrick’s day let’s break down those who had the luck of the Irish on their side this season, those who didn’t, and those who are scrambling to find that last four leaf clover and strike up a little end of the season magic. 

Bruins: Luck was on their side!

This is hard to say. The reason why is because there was no luck involved whatsoever, in the Boston Bruins 22-23 campaign. The likes of Pasternak, Burgeon, and Marchand, along with impeccable Vesna Trophy play from goaltender Linus Ulmark, has granted this team a 50-11-5 record. The 50 wins is both important and impressive due to them being the quickest team to achieve that milestone in NHL history. The Bruins have it all this season. The true question is can they replicate that success as the assumed Presidents Trophy winners, and stay consistent in the postseason? My guess is with a season like this, the sky’s the limit and luck will continue to stay on their side. 

Blackhawks: Unlucky, and getting Unluckier!

One of the hottest teams of the 2010 era in hockey. Chicago tried their hardest to fix what was beyond repair post-dynasty At this point they have realized that it’s beyond them to fix the franchise, rather rebuild it. When future hall of fame goaltender Marc Andre Fleury didn’t work out in the Windy City that should have been clue number one. But I truly believe the Blackhawks have finally gotten the message, trading away the man who made that 2010’s dynasty Patrick Kane to the Rangers. Expect to see Chicago at the bottom of the Central Division for a few years until they land their next playmaker. 

Penguins: Waddling their way into the Wild Card 

Never say never was the motto for this team. From Defenseman Kris Letang overcoming the second stroke of his career and finding himself back on the ice, to surviving a losing streak so large mid season, most teams would have collapsed then and there. These are the fun teams to watch, cause quite frankly you never know what you’re going to see next. The only thing standing in the way of them keeping the current 4 seed (wild card slot), and assuring their sixteen year playoff streak stays intact, is the New York Islanders, and the Washington Capitals. These three teams, all in the Metropolitan Division are scrambling more than ever to find that last four leaf clover and inject a bit of luck into themselves with under 20 games left.