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The Growth of Emma Chamberlain

Emma Chamberlain, the 21-year-old California native who began her stardom on Youtube, is being talked about. This week, her podcast titled “Anything Goes” became exclusive on Spotify, now being able to feature guests and have a video aspect. Nevertheless, this is just one small accomplishment on the starlets growing list. Chamberlain went from filming outfit ideas as a 15 year old to being invited to Paris York Fashion Week only a few years later. Her growth is truly amazing and admirable.

The Chamberlain Brand

Part of what made Emma Chamberlain stand out among other youtubers of the time was her unique brand. Her styles included lots of stripes, beanies, her teddy bear jacket and yellow tones. She also iconically painted her nails red, yellow and blue, standing out among the crowd. One significant part of her brand is what many think of upon hearing her name: her love for coffee. No matter what the occasion, Chamberlain always had an iced almond milk latte in hand. This inspired a love for coffee for many teen girls, including me, and it is all thanks to her. Chamberlain’s style as well as her coffee obsession gave her a unique brand that stood out amongst other Youtubers.

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Of course Chamberlain is unique and funny, but one thing about her that must be mentioned is her vulnerability. Her video titled “why i left school”, posted on Oct. 26, 2017, discusses in detail her reasons for leaving high school to pursue a Youtube career. The video now has 8.8 million views. This was a turning point for her channel, as this video gave her a chance to answer viewers’ questions about why she had stopped doing school vlogs. Chamberlain has also always been open about one thing: being a teenager. Throughout her channel, she has discussed a range of topics from acne to love to periods, be it through a serious heart to heart or a joke in passing. In a Cosmopolitan 2020 article titled “The Most Popular Girl in The World”, Chamberlain opened up about surviving an eating disorder and body dysmorphia. Her openness about struggles with mental health, whether on her channel or in interviews, makes viewers and readers feel seen. Chamberlain explains in videos that at times she struggles to upload due to her mental health. This is another reason her viewers adore her and stay loyal. Her viewers are never left in the dark.

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Her Business

Two years after starting her channel, Chamberlain took a leap of faith which ended up advancing her career even more. She started her own coffee business, Chamberlain Coffee. The business grew massively, beginning with selling single serve coffee bags to now selling tea, matcha, cold brew and having multiple brews for shoppers to choose from. Brews include Social Dog Blend, Family Blend, Fluffy Dog Vanilla Blend and more. From a marketing standpoint, this business furthers Emma’s individual brand, raising her platform as Youtuber’s coffee connoisseur. 

Emma Chamberlain’s unique approach to fame has brought her into the spotlight. The 21 year old is not afraid to be vulnerable or silly. Between her personality, her business, and her intelligent marketing techniques, Emma Chamberlain is truly someone to keep an eye on.