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Tom Brady and The sUper bowl

After 23 seasons, one of the best quarterbacks of all time, has now announced his retirement from the NFL. Tom Brady played with the New England Patriots for 20 seasons, leading them to six Super Bowl wins. His last  Super Bowl win was with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers back in February 2021. 

Brady first announced his retirement before this year’s season, but decided to come back which resulted in mixed emotions. But on February 1, after a losing season, he said that he is retiring “for good”. This season was not his best but Brady ended his career on a high; making history in the most pass attempts in the NFL as well as a career high of 490 passes. He completed his goal of wanting to play football till age 45 and that is exactly what he did. Along with this, Brady finished off his football career being the all time leader in passing yards (89,214) and touchdown passes (649). He has accomplished so many things during his career including being the only player to win more than five Super Bowls.

His retirement, which was filmed on a beach in Tampa Bay, was filled with emotion. The gray, cloudy sky behind him, really added ambience. In this video he started by saying he’s gonna keep it short and sweet… “you only get one super emotional retirement essay and I used mine up last year”.

Brady’s year after revoking his first retirement video was complicated. His marriage of 13-years to Gisele Bundchen ended, which spiraled into almost his whole offensive line getting injured, and having an overall bad season; one of his worst seasons to date. Fans of Tom Brady have said that after what happened, this season he should’ve retired when he made the first decision. Overall, one of the greatest quarterbacks of all time decided it was time to hang up his cleats and embark on a new adventure. It’s another quarterback’s turn to win the Super Bowl.