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Five Fashion Trends I Don’t Want to See in 2023

As someone who is really interested in fashion, I have been able to conclude that everyone has very different opinions when it comes to fashion trends and personal style. Generally, we have a basic understanding of basic trends and outfits, and we all tend to have them in our wardrobes. Although this is the case, there are also many trends that people love one year and then absolutely hate within the next year or two; these are the trends that are usually microtrends, and they tend to disappear quickly. I will be talking about some of these microtrends that I’ve seen in 2022 and why I don’t want to see them return in 2023. 

  1. Micro Mini Skirts
PHOTO: Cosmopolitan 

As a 5’10” girl, I have never been able to get into the trend of micro mini skirts. If you’re unsure of what a micro mini skirt looks like, it is essentially a mini skirt but even shorter. You might look a picture up online (or see the photo above) and think: “Madison, most of the pictures I’m seeing of micro mini skirts are on tall girls. What’s the big deal?” First, the combination of the low-rise fit, and the sheer length of the skirt, is the ultimate combination of discomfort to me. There are many pictures of girls that I see that can completely pull the look off, but as a girl who already feels like she’s revealing a lot in a classic mini skirt, the micro mini is a bit much for me. Give me the same style of skirt, but in a high-waisted style instead. 

  1. Bloomers as Pants
PHOTO: WhoWhatWear

If you haven’t seen this trend, it’s exactly what you think it is; it has become a trend to wear bloomers or underwear as pants. Though I believe it can be made cute, I definitely don’t think it’s meant for outside wear. Imagine being in class and your classmate comes in wearing a basic top and bloomers as their bottoms; it’s especially rough when they’re the shorter bloomers, as pictured above. This trend is probably the biggest trend I’m against, as I don’t think it’s useful whatsoever to be wearing undergarments as pants. But hey, to each their own!

  1. Jelly Shoes/Heels
PHOTO: Steve Madden

When I see these shoes, I think of those Polly Pocket outfits that people would chew on as a kid (I was not one of those children who would chew on Polly Pocket clothes, but I understand it). Not only do these styles of shoes look mildly cheap, but they’re also extremely uncomfortable to wear; I had a pair of jelly shoes for maybe a month this year, and I got at least three blisters around my feet. After one time of wearing them, I gave them away. If you have feet made of iron, maybe you’ll enjoy them, but if you’re like me (who gets blisters from literally nothing), these shoes will kill your feet.

  1. Obvious Fast-Fashion Patchwork Pieces
PHOTO: Shein

I think patchwork pieces can be cute in many instances; I especially find it great when people are upcycling thrifted clothes and giving them a new life. What makes this trend undesirable to me is when fast fashion brands try to imitate the upcycled look by making full patchwork pieces. Most people can tell the difference between a well-thought-out, upcycled piece, to a fast-fashion, mass-produced piece of patchwork clothing. The concept of patchwork pieces is to reuse garments that may not be in style or may not be wearable due to heavy usage; with fast-fashion companies mass-producing patchwork pieces, it becomes hypocritical very fast. If you are confused by the difference, look up “patchwork clothing” on Shein and on Etsy; you’ll be able to tell the difference!

  1. Tiny Sunglasses
PHOTO: Vogue

Though I think the tiny sunglasses trend can be very cute at times, I also think they are one of the most unuseful, trendy accessories one can own. At the height of their popularity in 2017, the tiny sunglasses stuck around for a few years. As someone who heavily relies on sunglasses when I’m driving or when I am outside on a very sunny day, a tiny pair of sunglasses will not fulfill the need for me; I have big eyes, and tiny sunglass frames cover maybe half of my eyes. 

To close on a better note, do not take my harsh criticism personally; if you enjoy some of these trends or even all of these trends, do not get discouraged or offended if I do not enjoy them. Everyone has their own unique style and perception of fashion; that is what the true joy is of fashion, as we can all express ourselves in the way we want to. While one person may absolutely love wearing their underwear or bloomers as pants to class, others might find them uncomfortable (it’s me, I am others). So, keep enjoying your micro mini skirts and jelly shoes; I will just not be participating in that movement in 2023!