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My Fall Favorites: Music Edition

A lot of us have things that the fall time reminds us of.  Whether that be certain movies, like Halloween ones, or activities, such as apple picking, the list can be endless.  For me, I always go back to certain songs and albums that I love during the fall and want to share those with you.

One of my absolute favorite albums I listen to as the weather gets colder is “Depression Cherry” by Beach House.  An alternative/indie rock album that has many beautiful and notable songs, their most popular being “Space Song,” which is all over social media nowadays.  Opening with the almost 6-minute song titled “Levitation,” “Depression Cherry” is an album that is mellow and out of this planet feeling.  Singer and lead vocalist of Beach House, Victoria Legrand, has a beautiful voice, known as a contralto voice, which is defined as a female singing voice that has the lowest female voice type in a vocal range.  My personal favorite on the album is “PPP,” which is around the middle-end of the album, being the sixth track of the nine-track album.  Something about the music and Legrand’s vocals has me loving this song endlessly, listening to it every fall/winter since 2018 (and you can tell it’s a popularly loved song, being the second most-streamed on the album on Spotify behind “Space Song”).  The album then ends with “Days of Candy,” a little over 6-minute track that is very vocal-heavy from Legrand and background vocals.  A beautiful ending to a beautiful album.

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Another album I find myself listening to every Fall season is “Apricot Princess,” by Rex Orange County.  Running at about 40 minutes, Rex Orange County tells a love story and sings a lot about his now ex, Thea.  The two were in a long-term relationship, Rex Orange County’s nickname for her being his Apricot Princess, making the album about her.  The album starts with a track titled the same as the album, “Apricot Princess”.  Starting off with a slow build-up to a more upbeat song, the song sets the tone for the album, where some of the songs are slow and more emotional, like “Sycamore Girl,” “Untitled,” Waiting Room” and “Happiness.”  Then, we have songs like, “Television / So Far So Good” and “Never Enough,” which are more upbeat, but still pretty emotional.  Then, there’s “4 Seasons,” which is my personal favorite off the album, that is a combination of slow and more upbeat, like “Apricot Princess”.  Overall, it is a beautiful album that if you haven’t listened to yet, you should!

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There are also a bunch of songs I return to every fall, but I’ll only mention a couple of them because I could go on forever.  Starting with “SLOW DANCING IN THE DARK,” by Joji, this is a song I remember being in awe by the first time I heard it back in fall 2018.  Many may know Joji as Joji himself, but some may remember him as YouTuber Pink Guy or Filthy Frank back in the day.  Well, George Miller took that title of comedic YouTuber and turned his career around to a singer who writes songs about heartbreak and sadness and let me tell you, I really enjoy this turnaround as a huge fan of Joji’s music.  Another song I return to every fall is “Love, Love, Love (Love, Love),” by As Tall As Lions.  I discovered this song around October 2016, and it is nothing short of beautiful.  As Tall As Lions is a rock band, and this song is their most popular song.  It’s a four-and-a-half-minute song, sung by lead vocalist Dan Nigro, who I believe has a very unique and enjoyable voice.  If you haven’t checked that song out and are into the rock genre, I’d give it a listen.

Although my list of fall music can be endless, I mentioned some of my favorites in hope that some of you could go out and give these recommendations a listen.  I’m sure some of you have your seasonal music too!