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Spring Songs: Music to Listen to with the Warm Weather

By: Emily Kovalec

As the weather gets warmer, many things start to change. One of those being the music we listen to. I’m a huge fan of spring and we’re finally seeing sunshine after months of cold and grey (which I love the snow too, don’t get me wrong). I have lots of songs to share with everyone as we all start to get outside more.

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The first song to start off this list is a song I always listen to when the weather gets warmer. If you’re into upbeat alternative/indie music, “T-Shirt Weather” by Circa Waves is a must listen to song. Not only is it upbeat, but a great song to listen to on a nice sunny day when you can wear a t-shirt. Another great song that has the same energy is “What You Know” by Two Door Cinema Club – definitely a great sunny day spring song!

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There are a couple more songs I have been listening to since the weather started getting warmer, including “Drawing Board” by George Ezra. To me, this song is such a feel-good tune and every time I listen to it I get pumped up and want to go on a nice drive or chill outside tanning. It’s very upbeat – you wouldn’t guess that the lyrics are actually sad which is something commonly done with music. Even with the sad lyrics, the song has such a creative and happy tone to it that I never really noticed how dark and sad the lyrics were until I looked them up. One other song that gets me excited for the warm weather is SUMMER by BROCKHAMPTON. As soon as the weather starts to get warmer and it gets sunnier outside, this is probably my go-to song every year. BROCKHAMPTON is a hip-hop/rap boy band, but this song isn’t rap and is actually sung beautifully by boy band member bearface. If you are ever driving on a hot sunny day, definitely turn this song on and give it a listen.

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One whole album I actually listen to once the weather gets warmer is Thank You Happy Birthday by Cage the Elephant. Honestly, Cage the Elephant overall is a very spring/summer time band that gets me excited and happy, but this specific album definitely is my personal springtime favorite with songs like “Aberdeen”, “Shake Me Down”, “2024” and “Around My Head” being upbeat songs, along with songs like “Flow” and “Rubber Ball” being slower but still great songs for the springtime. If you’re into alternative/indie music and haven’t listened, I definitely recommend it.

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Another album that I listen to once the weather gets warmer is IGOR by Tyler, the Creator. Not only did it come out in May of 2019 – the springtime – but it also reminds me of the warm weather and the last spring/summer of freedom before the pandemic hit. IGOR is Tyler’s most recent album telling a story through music and lyrics and including some incredibly catchy tunes that most know, like “EARFQUAKE” and “GONE, GONE / THANK YOU,” which are definitely some spring jams for me. Overall, this album is definitely one of my favorites to put on when it’s a nice sunny day.

Hopefully some of you can enjoy these warm weather tunes as much as I do!