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Leave the Door Open: Silk Sonic is Sure to Please With Upcoming Album

By: Kiera Mitru

At this point in the pandemic, many music lovers are left asking their favorite artists, “What you doin’? Where you at?” For fans of contemporary R&B, Anderson .Paak and Bruno Mars have delivered an answer and the response has been phenomenal. 

Prepare to spend “An Evening with Anderson .Paak and Bruno Mars” this Spring! Image courtesy of @anderson._paak on Instagram.

On Friday, March 5th, the duo dropped their first single, “Leave the Door Open” under the name Silk Sonic. In an energetic and warm-toned music video, several women are present as they enjoy the slow jam, while Mars and .Paak serve moments of humor in front of a stylized vintage backdrop. It’s the combination of style, personality and vocals that we failed to ask for, but celebrate nonetheless. 

“Leave the Door Open” leaves an unforgettable first impression that leads fans to look forward to the rest of the project. Setting high expectations with the first single, the presumed “An Evening with Bruno Marks and Anderson .Paak” will only further invite the audience into the groove of the sparkly wonderland these Grammy winners hint at in their first single. 

Donning suave patterns and couture tracksuits, Silk Sonic gets into the groove in their music video for “Leave the Door Open”. Image courtesy of Bruno Mars’ Youtube channel.

The promise of a good album is not only present in the sound the team curates on this song, but also the track record of both artists that serve as the faces of Silk Sonic. Bruno Mars’ most recent album, “24K”, is Mars’ third studio album. This successful project is crafted with the textures and influences of R&B, funk, soul, pop and new jack swing. At the 2018 Grammy Awards, Mars walked away having won seven awards including Album of the Year, Best R&B Album and record of the year for “That’s What I Like”. 

Bruno Mars displays his 24K Magic. Image Courtesy of

Anderson .Paak has also been praised for his dynamic career over the course of four studio albums. He has a lot to be proud of, specifically in securing three Grammys of his own, for the Best R&B Performance on “Come Home’”, Best Rap Performance on “Bubblin’” and Best R&B Album for “Ventura”. Anderson .Paak is well known for his skill as a multitasking performer, putting on high-energy shows that engage audiences of all ages. .Paak epitomizes this ability in one of NPR’s top Tiny Desk Concerts alongside the Free Nationals.  

Anderson .Paak and eldest son, Soul Rasheed, bring the boogie to the Grammy Awards. Image courtesy of

On paper, the track records of both Bruno Mars and Anderson .Paak are undeniable. Looking forward to the Silk Sonic collaboration, the duo is sure to deliver jaw-dropping falsettos and extensive vocal range as seen in their solo work. While Bruno Mars is an artist you can expect to hear at any and all weddings post-2010, Anderson .Paak’s career flies a bit under the banquet hall event radar. .Paak’s work radiates a contagious groove to a group of listeners that is far smaller but much more passionate than that of Mars’ fanbase. With this in mind, it is likely that this collaboration will bring a long-overdue swarm of attention to .Paak’s impressive discography. 

The future of Silk Sonic’s Success is so bright, you’ll need shades. Image courtesy of @anderson._paak on Instagram.

As Silk Sonic looks to win over the world in their debut performance at the Grammy Awards on Sunday, March 14th, they “Leave the Door Open” for old and new fans alike to join them on one of contemporary music’s smoothest rides yet. As we buckle up and brace for impact on “An Evening with Bruno Marks and Anderson .Paak”, grab your wide-rimmed sunglasses, your best set of headphones and “Tell me that you’re coming through”.