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Tips for Making it Through the Semester

For most college students during a pandemic, life at school is most likely not the main focus, but just an addition to the stress they’re already feeling. With so much going on in the world, and the country especially, staying focused and motivated to continue working hard in school, while also thinking about your own mental health and wellbeing, can be hard to balance. The semester at Siena College ends on November 19, and final exams end around November 25, which is not much longer than a month from now, and still plenty of time to develop habits that could help lead you to do the best you can.

Plan out your days so there is time for breaks

Planning out your day is hard sometimes, and it is even harder when you aren’t feeling motivated. But, if you make a plan, you’ll most likely always be happy you did. This does not mean that you need to write out what you will do every hour of the day, but just keeping track of things you need to get done in a planner or even on a sticky note. Knowing what you need to get done, and by when, will altogether make your time more flexible, and allow you to take time for more breaks or reward yourself. Planning and writing down what you need to get done can be beneficial for anyone who procrastinates, as it can ease your stress, and encourage you to do your work since you’ll know exactly what needs to get done and by when. 

Think about the bigger picture; remember what you’re working for

Thinking about any goals you have, or just simply remembering what you’re working towards can be a great motivator. If you don’t have any specific big goals or don’t know what you want to do in life, that is okay too! When you don’t know exactly what you’re working for, it can sometimes discourage your efforts so instead, just try to think about small goals. You can start by thinking about how lucky you are to be getting an education, even if you don’t particularly like your classes, or if they’re just overly challenging. Everything takes time.

Don’t be afraid to ask for help 

Don’t be afraid to ask for help and ask questions when you have them! Online classes are hard for everyone, including professors, so whenever you feel lost, reach out to anyone you think can help. Whether it be your professor directly, a classmate, CA, friend, or someone you can count on, there are always people who want to help you succeed and be the best version of yourself. 

Try not to fall behind in class, or with notes

Again, class through zoom can be annoying, stressful, and challenging, but still actively participating and taking notes can be very beneficial. Sometimes, it is easy to doze off, especially when you have your camera off, but taking notes and/or still contributing your ideas to your class helps to stay on track, and still get as much out of the class as you can. Notes are also a great help when it comes time to study for finals or reflect on what you got out of your class.

Altogether, these are just some basic tips that could apply to any student’s life, to help you stay on track, and to make the most of your education all the time, but especially during these more challenging circumstances. It is always important to take in and try anything new that could help you do the best as you possibly can in college, but always remember your wellbeing and mental health should also always be top priorities. Again, here at Siena, there is just about a month left until the end of the semester, but it is never too late to try alternative methods to make these stressful times during college just a bit easier on yourself!