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Summer 2020 Movie Guide

As much as we want to get out and enjoy the nice weather coming with all of our friends and family, we’re probably going to be spending a portion of the summer indoors. This is good news for movie lovers because this means more time for movie watching. Who doesn’t deserve that after a semester of hard work? Here are five films to enjoy once the semester draws to a close. 

For the Person That Loves a Thrill:

Christopher Nolan’s 2010 film Inception starring Leonardo DiCaprio follows the story of Dicaprio’s character operating an espionage operation by entering the dreams of his targets in effort to help shape their thoughts. This movie is one of Nolan’s greatest films and it has good re-watch value. The performances are stellar from supporting cast members Ellen Page, Cillian Murphy and Tom Hardy. Hans Zimmer’s score beautifully encompasses the cinematography created by the filmmakers. While this film is entertaining, there is also a deeper psychological aspect worth exploring, should one decide to investigate. I give this film 8.5 Saints out of 10 and highly recommend watching it. It is available to stream on Netflix and Amazon Prime. 

For the Person that Loves Comedy:

Tag, the 2018 film from Jeff Tomsic details a group of men who have played the same game of tag for an entire month during the year since their childhood. A stellar cast featuring Ed Helms, Jon Hamm and Jeremy Renner bring the film to life. This feel-good film runs for about an hour and a half. It allows the viewer to escape reality, which is why I give this film 7 Saints out of 10. It’s a great way to de-stress after the semester. Tag is available on Amazon Prime.

For the Person that Loves Horror:

Jeremey Saulnier’s ultra-violent 2015 picture Green Room illustrates a punk-rock band that witnesses a murder and what it’s like to be attacked by a group of Neo-Nazis in a nightclub’s green room. The film stars Anton Yelchin, Imogen Poots and Patrick Stewart. Green Room is one of the best modern horror films due to its cinematography and the gruesome violence on display. Moreover, the film is very inventive and a breath of fresh air for the genre which is why I give it 8 Saints out of 10 and would recommend it strictly to horror fans who are looking for a thrill seeking ride. Green Room is available on Netflix and Amazon Prime.

For the Person that Loves Romance: 

Joaquin Phoenix leads a commanding presence in 2013’s Her from director Spike Jonze. The picture, set in a near future Los Angeles, displays a reality where one can date an Artificial Intelligence entity. The film has a beautiful story. Despite the technology on display, Her is quite human and romantic. Performances from Amy Adams, Rooney Mara and the voice of Scarlett Johansson encapsulate what it means to be human and how critical human interaction is. This is something to not take for granted once the pandemic concludes. I give this film 9 Saints out of 10. Her is available on Netflix. 

For the Person That Loves Sci-Fi:

Attempting to capitalize on the found footage Paranormal Activity craze is Gonzalo Lopez-Gallego’s 2011 alternate history film Apollo 18. This film depicts that in December 1973 the cancelled Apollo 18 film actually landed on the Moon and this mission was the reason why the US did not not launch again. It stars Warren Christie, Lloyd Owen and Ryan Robbins as astronauts. Although functioning more-so as a B-horror film, this sci-fi picture holds a good story that can keep one engaged throughout its ninety minute runtime. It may not be the greatest, but Apollo 18 will give you a healthy dose of sci-fi. I give Apollo 18 6 Saints out of 10, it is available on Netflix.    

With any luck, the theaters will reopen in time for Wonder Woman 1984 to arrive on August 14th. Until then, Netflix movie dates it is. I wish you a pleasant end to the semester and after your exams are finished, the books are closed, happy viewing!