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Turkey is Attacking 20 Percent of its Population over Race Discrimination…And it’s Tiring

According to CNN, the Kurds, who make up 20 percent of Turkey’s population, and have roughly 25-30 percent of Syria in the neighboring area, are under attack by the Turkish government. The President of Turkey has announced that his goal is to eliminate the Kurdish population in his country. He has become unhappy about the increasing presence of Kurdistan’s in Syria near the border. Will the Turkish military surrounding the Northeast border of Syria, they are trying to drive out the Kurds and replace them with Syrian refugees. 

All the Kurds wanted to do was make their own state. 

To be bothered by a the Kurds in a different state than just your own is a bit ridiculous. To still have modern day racism is a bit boring. Although, it is not surprising in a third-world country.

With the majority of the Middle East being made up of Third World countries – also referred to as a “developing state” – it’s not surprising the violence against others and toward its own people is relevant on a daily basis. In Turkey, as well as the rest of the Middle East, violence from terrorist attacks and large amounts of casualties run rampant.

According to the Daily News, a Turkish news publication, Turkey cannot protect its own people right now. This meaning, in theory, that the Kurds are their people. How can Turkey protect its own people when it is attacking its own people? The Daily News attributed Turkey’s decline to a Third World country to the violence seen in the country. Even putting it alongside Afghanistan in ranking among countries. 

Although it’s the way of life in the Middle East, it’s getting boring. Why attack Syria? They didn’t do anything to you. All they did was have a large Kurdish population near the border they share with you. 

To attack your own people? Why? They didn’t declare war on you. Yes, they want their own nation, but it’s not like they attacked anyone to do so. The only reason Turkey cares to attack the Kurds now is because of the withdrawing U.S. Troops. The only thing Turkey wants to accomplish is getting the Kurds away from their border. 

Why does Turkey care so much about land that isn’t even theirs. It’s ridiculous that an entire country would attack someone to get them away from you. It’s not just Turkey, it’s everywhere. And it’s not okay.