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Spring Has Sprung as the 9th Annual Juried Art Show is Exhibited at Siena

From April 4  to April 17 in the Foy Hall lobby, select Siena students were given the opportunity to display their artwork in Siena’s 9th Annual Juried Art Show. The displayed mediums ranged from charcoal still life drawings to pastel paintings to reflective self-portraits to landscape photography, giving all who visited the show a sense of the richness of talent that exists across Siena’s campus. Although every piece illuminated the unique expertise of the artists among us, one thing every piece had in common was the unadulterated display of talent within the showcased artists.

There is a variety of mediums and techniques mastered by the artists selected to participate in this exhibit on display in the Foy Hall Lobby.

Some pieces highlighted the beauty of the capital district, including photographs of Schroon Lake and other outdoor scenes. Emily McGuinness even highlights spots of beauty around campus through a photo series of the Grotto, whose candles illuminate the Foy Hall lobby, where those both within and outside of the Siena community are encouraged to appreciate the artistry present within those being commended for their work in the creative arts department.

Having created a reputation over the nine years it has taken place, students and staff alike look forward to visiting the thoughtfully chosen artwork every spring semester. Maddie Lemke ’21 comments on a piece that inspired her as she explored the artwork one evening with friends. “I personally like the piece ‘I’ by Ittai Rosales. I feel that to me, it symbolizes the different perspectives that one can have. As a photographer, I find it really interesting that the artist thought to capture a picture in the way Ittai Rosales does. It’s interesting and unexpected.” 

“I” by Ittai Rosales

Juried art shows differ from normal art shows, since they must be selected by a panel of judges or curators in order to be displayed in the given show. Normal art shows typically display a less specific collection of work collected from one or many artists. For example, this show was juried by Emily Vallee, M.F.A., a Lecturer in Art from Skidmore College, who evaluated the work of Siena students in the guise of what she believed would appeal to those visiting the art show, and she hit the nail right on the head.

The opportunity to appreciate the talent of our classmates exists always but is specifically exhibited once a year during the annual Juried Art Show. Regardless of your creative background or the lack thereof, all who visit the Foy Hall Lobby from April 4 to April 17 are sure to enjoy this year’s selection of pieces in the 9th Annual Juried Art Show.