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Study Abroad: South Africa & Namibia

This study abroad experience has been profound in every way possible. On Feb. 8, 2019, I flew to Johannesburg, South Africa. I spent a week there learning about the pains of colonization, Apartheid, and the Liberation. I then flew to Port Elizabeth and spent a few days in Eastern Cape. This is where many of the leaders such as Nelson Mandela, Steve Biko and Thambo Mbeki were born and raised before moving to Johannesburg. I even managed to carry sticks for firewood on my head for about a mile! Following that, I took a twelve-hour bus ride to Cape Town, South Africa. Cape Town is undeniably beautiful, yet the trauma and pain of the locals show clearly as they continue to serve the Whites and tourists of the city. It was extremely hard to see. I also had the opportunity to tour Robben Island, where the South African President Nelson Mandela was imprisoned, and spoke to other political prisoners. Throughout my three weeks exploring South Africa, I stood in the presence of remarkable and courageous speakers, visited too many museums to count, and ate amazing food. Finally, we flew to Windhoek, Namibia, where I currently am, and will be spending the remaining three months. I’ve been taking classes and interning at the Hope Initiatives of Southern Africa Primary School. In just a little over a month, my perspective has been broadened, and my heart expanded for the people and cultures I’ve encountered here in Southern Africa.