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A Proper Pizza Night

Yes, we all experience scrolling through Facebook and getting distracted by the Dominos’ ad for 50 percent off pizzas, today only! Even if we hadn’t thought of having pizza for dinner that night, now it is on our mind. The first question is, are you going to go for it? Are you ordering appetizers and desserts to add some variety to the meal? But the real question is, how are you going to order your meal? Delivery? Carryout? I believe there is a proper way to go about a pizza night, in order to get the most satisfaction for all consumers involved.

In my experience, the best kind of pizza nights are the spontaneous ones. Sometimes, when you plan on eating a specific food, you have all of the expectations set for how the food will taste that day. By the end of the day, you may not even be feeling like you want to eat that anymore. I say, do not plan when your pizza night will take place, but just let the time come when it comes.

I suggest ordering online rather than calling the pizza place, for there are usually many deals and rewards that you can redeem online. When ordering online, set up an account because, hey, you never know when the next spontaneous pizza night will occur. When adding items to your cart, start with the items that you instantly craved when you decided tonight would be a pizza night. If it is pizza itself, go right to the pizza options, choose your cheese and toppings, and add to cart. Do you need extra small bites to add to the meal? Personally, when I eat pizza, I like to have a few bites of pizza, and then switch to, let’s say, chicken wings. I like to add some variety, without spending a whole heck of a lot. Online, there are typically deals that include a pizza and an appetizer. Depending on how many people are in your party, this deal could be perfect. You should always take the party size into consideration, however, and you should always look for the best price. In addition, you have to think: will there be leftovers? In reality, as long as you are spending wisely and saving at the same time, you are doing it right.  

Should you choose delivery? Should you choose to carry it out? In all honesty, I know you have the strength to get in that car and go get that food you ordered. Without delivering, you are saving yourself the tip for the pizza driver, and you can take a break from your productive day and go listen to your favorite song in the car. It doesn’t hurt to get those extra steps in! Especially since you are already planning on consuming pizza, which, unfortunately, is not low-cal. No worries; a spontaneous treat day is allowed!