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America Doesn’t Run On Socialism, Bernie!

America has never run on socialism and never will.

Bernie Sanders has been trying to change that since his 2016 Presidential campaign, and he is back for the 2020 race. As good as free college tuition and cheaper healthcare sounds, everyone being equal to close the gap between the rich and the poor does not. Not everyone in America is the same, and not everyone should have to be, whether that be financially, economically, or otherwise.

Sanders runs off the fuel that the word “free” ignites in people. Everyone loves free stuff, there’s no doubt about that. However, the promise of free school is not actually free. You end up paying for everyone’s tuition, plus your own. Personally, I would rather pay the outrageous number once, rather than for everyone and their brother over and over again. Would it be nice to see a zero dollar charge for school? Absolutely. But is raising taxes and getting less back on your tax return as nice? Nope, not at all. On top of that, it will take ten years for Sanders to implement this into America, which means those who are rooting for it now will not be so happy when they don’t get to benefit off the “free” tuition themselves.

The problem runs deeper than just the promise of free tuition. The problem is that Sanders is trying to unify every American under one category. America was built off of hard work, diversity and the value of earning your own way through life. Sanders’ socialism aspect takes away from those core American values, and strips America of its identity. America was not built to cater to everyone; America was built to breed a nation that stops at nothing to succeed amongst adversity.

So how would socialism continue that?

The simple answer: it doesn’t.

Making everyone the same in society does nothing but hinder the progressive motion of success and innovation. It eliminates hard work and perseverance, because someone else will pick up the slack for those who don’t want to.

Socialism is like a tip bowl at a restaurant.

You can be as lazy or as hardworking as you want; you’re still getting paid the same as the person next to you.

This creates no incentive to work harder than the person next to you because there’s no competition.

That isn’t America. Nor is that the values this country was built on. It’s the exact opposite of what America is.

Sanders, it’s time for you to go home. There isn’t a spot for a socialist on the ballot. We aren’t Denmark, nor do we want the crazy taxes imposed on Denmark because of socialism. This is America, and we are a democracy that survives on hard work and fending for ourselves, not taxing the wealthy to fund your socialist plans.

Take your socialist plans elsewhere, Sanders, because America is not the place for them.