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Keeping Up with Pop Culture

As 2018 winds down,  pop culture is as lively as ever and new things are happening in the lives of celebrities every day.

Post Malone is probably one of the most unpredictable artists in pop culture right now, and this isn’t really a bad thing! The man spontaneously gets new face tattoos, random haircuts and apparently collaborates with shoe companies. Yes, in early November, Posty collaborated with the one and only Crocs and released his very own pair. The shoes retail at a more hefty price than classic Crocs at $59.99 but sure are worth it; the shoes are white with a yellow baby devil face design and also come with six custom Jibbitz related to the rapper, including a recreation of his “Stay Away” tattoo and Posty Co. logo. The Crocs are sold out as of now, but he tweeted that more will be available just in time for the holidays in December, so keep an eye out!

Ariana Grande’s personal life has never been outside of the public eye, but she doesn’t seem to mind as much as one might think. All of her romantic relationships have been on display in the past, and it’s no secret when she starts dating someone new. News of her split from Pete Davidson broke the internet a couple of weeks ago, and her new song “thank u, next” is an interesting ode to her past lovers as she names her exes Big Sean, Ricky Alvarez and Mac Miller in the first verse of the song. The song is far from petty or dismissive but instead focuses on everything she’s learned from her past relationships, including love, patience and pain. It also seems as if all of the exes heard the song before it was released and gave it a green light so it’s good to know we can listen guilt-free because the song is a bonafide bop.

In September of this year, Mac Miller died suddenly at the age of 26. It was no secret that the rapper had been struggling with drug and alcohol abuse, but no one could have predicted his death at such a young age. For two months, people were left to assume his cause of death, but that question was recently answered. He died from an overdose caused by a combination of cocaine, fentanyl, and alcohol. It’s heartbreaking to recognize how much pain Mac had been in, but he left a mark on the music industry that will never be erased. This was made clear on Halloween when, a concert, called “Mac Miller: A Celebration of Life” was held in his honor in Los Angeles. Various artists like John Mayer, Travis Scott and SZA covered his songs for a captive audience, ensuring that his legacy will go on.

Demi Lovato, who suffered a drug relapse in July, appears to be out of rehab and thriving! The singer posted a picture of herself voting on Election Day, and it was fantastic to see that she looks healthy and happy. It’s also great that her return to social media was intended to encourage her 70.5 million followers to get out and vote.

It doesn’t look like Cardi B and Nicki Minaj will be burying the hatchet anytime soon. The rappers infamously brawled at Harpers Bazaar during New York Fashion Week and they remain far from making amends. Cardi released a series of short videos calling out Nicki and accusing her of being a liar and an aggressor in their fraught relationship. Nicki has tweeted out similar things about Cardi and who knows, they might have it out at another public event soon enough.

British actor Idris Elba has been named the Sexiest Man Alive for 2018 and people are here for it. It’s hard to forget the disappointment verbalized by basically anyone with a pulse that Blake Shelton received the title last yearNot that poor Blake is unattractive but previous recipients have included Adam Levine, Brad Pitt, David Beckham and Chris Hemsworth so it’s easy to see why there was some disagreement.

A reboot of the beloved “Shrek” series is in the works according to the director of “Despicable Me,” and while most, including myself, are skeptical and confused about why Shrek needs to suffer a reboot, some are optimistic. The company is the same one that produces the newest “Grinch” film, one that is being met with a lot of buzz so perhaps the Shrek series is in good hands. I suppose time can only tell what sort of changes might be associated with revamping the series.