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Why Larry Sharpe is the ONLY Choice for New York

(Insert Frank Sinatra voice here) Start spreading the news… Larry Sharpe is here to help us stay… We can vote King Cuomo out… in old New York, New York.

If you are a New Yorker and do not know who Larry Sharpe is, I am going to fill you in on the most non-politician political candidate for governor who you should be voting for Nov. 6. Larry is a New Yorker from Queens, a marine, a businessman, an entrepreneur, a family man, and the Libertarian candidate for governor of New York. Now, before you say a third-party candidate has no chance, remember: the voters have the power. As New Yorkers in this election, we the people have the power to vote out Andrew Cuomo and vote in someone who will make real change in our beloved state; that person is Larry Sharpe.

Whether you are a Republican, Democrat, unaffiliated with any party, or are not “into politics,” I am begging you to have an open mind in this critical election. The whole point of voting for elections is to vote for the candidate that aligns with your morals and beliefs, not to vote for someone just because of the letter that is next to their name on the ballot. Think to yourself, are you one of the many New Yorkers that has thought, “I want to live in New York in the long run but cannot afford it”?  Or, if you are a lifelong resident of New York and have thought, “I want to stay in New York but cannot afford to stay,” or “I want to live in New York but my constitutional rights are not being protected,” or “New York taxes are too high.”  The list of viable complaints and reasons to leave New York goes on and on. This November, in this crucial midterm election, New Yorkers have the chance to use their vote to elect someone who can actually fix New York and make it so we can all stay in our home state. Larry Sharpe is that someone and there are two critical reasons why he is the best option and the other candidates are not: relatability and transparency.

First off, I would like to highlight that when I talk about Larry Sharpe, not just in this piece but in general, I reference him as “Larry.” Not “Sharpe” (the typical way to reference a politician), not “Mr. Sharpe” but instead, “Larry.” I think this is mainly because he is just like you and me. He is human; he will speak to you one-on-one; he is a New Yorker who cares about people and loves his state. Larry wants a fighting chance for all of us, including himself, to live in New York. The main difference? Larry is taking it into his own hands; he just needs your vote. Larry is the only candidate who is out there shaking hands and making his rounds throughout the entire state of New York. Just look at his website for a road map of where he has been and will be up until election day. Unlike the corrupt politicians (who are quite popular in NY politics), I have met Larry a number of times now and have heard him speak; he is genuine, honest, and most importantly, transparent.

You can look up practically any stance of Larry’s on any issue and there is bound to be a video of him explaining the why, what, and how of his position and his solution. If there is not a video, which I would find hard to believe, you can go to his Facebook page: Larry Sharpe for New York (@Sharpe4Gov), send him a message and he will get back to you with an answer. His website, is also one of the most user-friendly and, to use the same word again, transparent website platforms I have ever seen. Literally, every single issue you can think of is stated and explained, which is the complete opposite of the other candidates. I can honestly say that I do not agree with every single one of Larry’s stances and you might not either. However, it makes me like him even more, knowing exactly where he stands on the issues. This clarity and honesty is, in a good way, pretty shocking coming from a politician in New York, which is exactly why I know I can trust Larry Sharpe as a person and in turn, most definitely as my governor.

Larry has said that there is one thing that will be essential to fixing New York state as governor. What is that one thing? Larry says it is “happy people.”  

Larry Sharpe: “How do I fix our state? Do I change law? Do I shake my iron fist? No… it’s one thing. And it’s gonna sound crazy, but, it’s happy people. That’s really what this is about… I’m the only guy who talks about what our Founding Fathers talked about, which is Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness… If you look at all my ideas and every single plan that I’ve come up with, it all focuses on one thing – happy New Yorkers.”

The concept that voting for a third-party candidate is “stealing votes” or “splitting the vote” is a false notion that needs to be shot down immediately. This concept is meant to intimidate voters into choosing the “party preference” rather than think for themselves and vote with their mind and heart. I am sick and tired of this groupthink mentality when it comes to voting for candidates in elections. To those who preach this concept, guess what? My vote is mine and I intend to give it to someone I believe in, someone who I know will do a good job and someone who deserves it. That someone is not a corrupt king who has taken away New Yorkers rights for years and it is not someone who is a fake Republican candidate. I am proudly voting for Larry Sharpe for governor of New York.