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Scholarships Available

As the recipient of scholarships from Siena, I can say firsthand how much it can change your life. Many of the scholarships given to students are based on merit, involvement or anything else the donor connects with, which can range from major, family history or even just common interest. Most are awarded by a committee, but there are some scholarships available to apply for now if you’re looking for some extra money in your Siena account.

One scholarship that you can apply for is the $2,500 DECASO Future Quest Scholarship. DECASO stands for the Decorative Arts Society and their scholarship is designed to support students from diverse backgrounds and students who are determined to further their education. You have to apply by Jan. 1, 2019 on their website,

Calling all business, entrepreneurship, and computer science majors, this one’s for you. Jungle Scout is accepting applications for a $2,000 scholarship. They want to offer scholarships to students that relate to their company values. Be sure to apply on their website by Nov. 15 at

If you are interested in real estate, business or technology, there is $5,000 worth of scholarships calling your name. The company SquareFoot wants to support students and encourages current, first, second and third-year students to apply. The due date is Oct. 30, and the $5,000 is split between a first, second and third place applicant. Good luck, and you can find more information on their website,

Another scholarship available is the Imagine Scholarship from RSL Funding, LLC. If you apply by Dec. 31, you have a chance to win up to $5,000. Find more details and apply on their website,

There is also a scholarship available from Hearing Aid Reviews of up to $1,000 that you can use for books, supplies, tuition or anything else to ease the cost of higher education. Find more information and apply by Dec. 31 on their website

Next up is the $2,500 Tenavox Scholarship. You can apply with either a video submission or an essay answering the questions they ask. Find more information about the application on their website, and apply by the Oct. 16 deadline at

If you are a STEM, business, or engineering student, you could be in the running for $500-$1,500. Clutch Prep is accepting applications for a range of scholarships, and they have a range of qualifications and application requirements. Check out their website for more information at

Finally, there are scholarships available for psychology majors. There are scholarships available to students that have sleep disorders, or who study psychology. Details about each, including their requirements and due dates can be found on their website,

If you qualify for any of these great scholarships, be sure to check it out!