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During these first weeks of the semester, students are just adjusting or readjusting to life on campus when the reality of the academic workload abruptly strikes. It is during this time that students should begin to get acquainted with the seemingly never-ending ending list of academic assistance available here on campus. Coursework is stressful yet manageable if you have the right resources on your side. Siena’s Student Academic Success and Engagement office (SASE) is the place to go to assure any student that no matter how overwhelming a college education can become, you can still be successful.

With a highly trained staff of peer tutors, SASE’s tutoring service is a free opportunity for students to receive a little extra help outside of the classroom. Tutoring services are available for a variety of subjects including accounting, biology, chemistry, computer science, economics, finance, management, math, physics, political science, philosophy, psychology, quantitative business analysis and statistics. Tutors for these areas of study are not only trained in tutoring, but were also recommended by professors on campus after showing exceptional work in the course. For anyone interested in attending a group tutoring session, the schedule can be found on the website and in the Student Digest. While the tutoring services are in a group setting, students can request to do individual sessions as well. To sign up for individual tutoring or for any questions regarding the services, you can go to Siena Hall 215 or send an email to

As a transfer student myself, I can say with certainty that SASE’s Siena Student Advantage courses would be beneficial to any transfer or first-year student. The transfer SSA course, in particular, provided me and the others in my class with stability in our first months at Siena. Learning about everything from study habits to internships to time management tips and how to navigate the CAPP report, SSA was unique in that it was a course for helping students manage their other courses. Our instructor, Sandy Serbalik, went above and beyond to make sure that students are on track in Siena. SSA courses, while very helpful to new students, are open to anyone with specific courses designed to meet their needs. SSA is a one-credit, pass/fail course that is a smart choice for anyone trying to learn how to have a flourishing college career.

Have you ever seen the flyers hanging by Casey’s or in Siena Hall offering programs about academic skills? That is a service provided by SASE as well. Peer-led workshops are held all semester and, like SSA, give guidance for the seemingly minor yet essential aspects of higher education. The leaders of the workshops cater to the needs of the individuals attending and are trained to assist in academic success. Note-taking tips and preparing for class registration are just a few examples of workshops available. Other than flyers and SASE bulletin boards, information on upcoming workshops can be found in the Student Digest.

A tip from someone who has switched colleges, changed majors, and has been in college for over two years now: take advantage of your on-campus academic assistance. I had the pleasure of speaking with Associate Vice President for Academic Affairs of SASE, Tamara Durant, about what she thought was most important for new students to know about the office and their services. “We are here for you, help is available. Reach out. Help is what we do and we love doing it,” Durant said.  Reaching out and utilizing any of SASE services is a great way to help yourself out in the long-run. When midterm season begins approaching, already having the knowledge of the help resources will be a huge advantage. To contact SASE about any of their services, stop by their offices in Siena Hall 215 Monday through Friday from 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m., or email them at